Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2538

Su Shoudao earnestly said: "This time what your mother and Zhiyu encountered is an excellent opportunity. Anyone with a discerning eye can see it. Someone wants to attack our Su family, and the other party is very capable, and they may have been planning for a long time. If we can help your grandfather, catch the black hand behind the scenes, and solve all the threats of the Su family, then we will definitely let your grandfather. Admired!"

    Then, Su Shoudao added: "You have to know that your grandfather has been nailed to the pillar of shame now, and it will not be possible to wash him until he dies!"

    "So as long as we can satisfy him, And during the period before his death, he had been obedient to him, and while respecting him, never challenged his majesty as the head of the family!"

    "Then before he died, he would definitely treat Su The position of the Patriarch of the family is passed to me! And as long as we survive until he breathes, the entire Su family is ours!"

    Su Zhifei nodded quickly, and said excitedly: "Dad, I listen to you everything. Yes!"

    At around five o'clock in the afternoon, Su Zhiyu drove the car into a huge manor on the edge of the West Lake under the guidance of Su Shoudao.

    West Lake is a well-known tourist attraction in the country, and more than half of the area is open to all people, so there are very few lakeside villas here, and the prices are extremely high.

    According to rumours, a famous domestic e-commerce boss, a boss named Ma, has a luxurious villa here, which is said to be worth several hundred million.

    However, his villa was even worse than Su Chengfeng's.

    The manor Su Chengfeng spent 800 million when he started it ten years ago, and another 500 million was spent on renovation and reconstruction. After it was completed, he only came to live in the spring and autumn for a few days.

    Su Zhifei drove into the manor. Butler Su Anshun was already waiting at the entrance of the manor's main hall.

    As soon as he saw the father and son get out of the car, he hurried to greet him, and respectfully said: "The eldest son, the eldest master! I didn't expect you two to come together!"

    Su Shoudao hurriedly asked: "Butler, where is my father now? ?"

    Su An said quickly: "Master has been looking forward to contains two people, so I was asked to wait here early, and said that when you arrive, I will take you to see him immediately. "

    Su Shoudao said hurriedly: "Then take us there quickly!" "

    " Good! "

    Su Anshun took the father and son to the main hall of the manor. In the main hall

    at this time, Su Chengfeng, who was somewhat depressed, was sitting in front of the burning fireplace and resting. When he saw his father and son coming, he hurriedly followed I got up on the recliner, walked in front of the father and son in two steps, and said in tears: "Shoudao... knowing... ! "When

    Su Zhifei heard this, recalling his father's explanation, he knelt in front of Su Chengfeng without saying anything, and confessed: "Grandpa...I didn't understand the rules and bumped into your old man, please Your old man is severely punished! "

    Su Chengfeng's expression flashed with a look of satisfaction, and he quickly reached out to help Su Zhifei up, choked up and said: "Good boy, you're right, it's grandpa who is wrong..."

    "It's grandpa who is confused. To make such an impulsive decision for the sake of the family's face..."

    "Furthermore, the gangster took the opportunity to assassinate him and was burdened with many

    unreasonable charges..." Su Shoudao hurriedly stepped forward and supported Su Chengfeng, earnestly Said: "Dad, please don't say that. I and Zhifei know very well that everything you do is for this family! "

    Su Chengfeng nodded with satisfaction: "You two can understand my difficulties, and I can really look down upon death!" "

    Su Shoudao nodded solemnly: "Dad, don't worry,

    Zhifei and I can understand you very well..." Su Chengfeng said with tears in his eyes and solemnly said: "Shoudao, I promise you, I I will definitely go all out to find Haiqing and Zhiyu. If Haiqing is still alive, I will face her and plead guilty to her. Even if she wants my old life, I will willingly compensate her! "

    Su Shoudao hurriedly said: "Dad, our top priority now is not to find Haiqing and Zhiyu, nor to find Shoude, but to work together to pull out the enemy hidden in the dark!"

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