Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2537

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Su Shoudao's private plane began to descend over the suburbs of Suzhou and Hangzhou.

    Seeing that he was about to land at Suzhou-Hangzhou Airport, he called his son Su Zhifei on his cell phone.

    Su Zhifei, who was involved in this matter, had already drove the car to Suzhou-Hangzhou Airport. He parked the car in the parking lot, and stayed in the car waiting for his father's news.

    Seeing his father's call, he hurriedly connected, and asked, "Dad, where are you?"

    Su Shoudao said, "In another twenty minutes, I should almost land. Are you there yet?

    " I'm here." Su Zhifei said, "Tell me after you leave the customs. I will pick you up."

    "Okay!" Su Shoudao told him: "Don't forget to wear a mask and sunglasses. Now our Su family is really It’s too sensitive. Don’t let others notice that we’re here in Suzhou and Hangzhou."

    "I know Dad." After

    hanging up the phone, Su Zhifei quickly put on a mask and sunglasses, and drove the car to the front entrance of the airport arrival corridor. After waiting for another twenty minutes, Su Shoudao's figure appeared at the exit of the airport arrival hall.

    Like Su Zhifei, Su Shoudao wears a pair of black sunglasses and a disposable black mask.

    However, Su Zhifei recognized him at a glance, and then hurriedly got out of the car, beckoned to him, and shouted, "Dad, here!"

    Su Shoudao saw Su Zhifei, his spirit was shaken, and he ran away immediately. Came over in two steps.

    Su Zhifei also accumulated a lot of negative energy in the past two days. Seeing his father finally came back, he felt a sense of finding support in his heart. He hurried forward and hugged him.

    At this moment, Su Zhifei could not help but choked up and whispered: " finally came back..."

    Su Shoudao patted him on the back and sighed: "Hey! Zhifei, I'm sorry, Dad, I'm sorry to your mother and Zhiyu. When you needed me most, I couldn't protect you by your side."

    Su Zhifei said sadly: "Dad...Mom and Zhiyu, there is no whereabouts yet, you must find a way to find them..."

    Su Shoudao nodded solemnly: "Don't worry, I will try my best to find it.
Then, he looked around, busy:" We still first on the train it, there are too many people, so interesting. "

    Okay..." Su Zhifei nodded hurriedly, turned to help Su Shoudao open the passenger car door, and let Su Shoudao sit in first. When

    Su Zhifei returned to the car, Su Shoudao confessed to him: "Directly Drive to the West Lake. Your grandfather has a villa by the West Lake. He lives there now. "

    Su Zhifei nodded his head and said:" I first navigate to the West Lake, West Lake, the specific location is coming, I command you give it. "The

    Su family's real estate in all parts of the country and even all over the world is really too much. Almost any larger city will have Su family properties. How many villas the father has, even the father himself does not know, and this Even Su Zhifei has never been to the villa in Suhang.

    Driving into the airport expressway, Su Shoudao said to Su Zhifei next to him: "I will see your grandpa later, don’t wait for your grandpa to follow If you apologize, you must take the initiative to apologize to him, it is best to be more solemn, kneel down and apologize, understand? "

    Su Zhifei knew that this time his father came back from Australia, it was the key to his father and himself regaining the right of inheritance. He couldn't mess it up anyway, so he solemnly said: "I know Dad, don't worry, see Grandpa I will kneel down and apologize to him immediately..."

    Originally, Su Zhifei was considered a sturdy person, but in the face of huge interests, his bones became softer unconsciously.

    Su Shoudao told him again "Your grandfather has encountered the biggest Waterloo in his life this time. Judging from the influence of your video, your grandfather will never be able to turn over in this life, so this time is a good opportunity for both of us. If we If you can grasp this opportunity, on the one hand, let your grandpa see our abilities, and on the other hand, let your grandpa see our absolute obedience to him, then we have the opportunity to inherit the entire Su family. "

    As he said, Su Shou's words turned and he said: "But if we can't do it, your grandfather will definitely hand over the entire Su family's property to the overseas trust fund before he dies. At that time, we can only lead the living expenses per capita."

    Su Zhifei asked hurriedly, "Dad, how can we make Grandpa recognize our ability?

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