Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2536

And this will, in addition to the role of amulets, is also equivalent to a family insurance.

    The ancient emperors were worried about the faint monarchs in their heirs, so that they would throw away the sacred land and leave the future generations without blessings.

    And these modern rich men are also worried that their offspring will have a prodigal, ruining the family foundation.

    Therefore, almost every wealthy man will set up a trust fund, and if his descendants are unwilling to succeed, they will hand over all the property to the trust fund to ensure that the descendants of the Su family will live forever, and they will always have money to spend and will not lose their property.

    Moreover, this rule of relying on the leader for living expenses is particularly easy to stimulate the desire of these children and grandchildren to reproduce.

    Because, as long as they give birth to one heir, it is equivalent to giving birth to a meal ticket.

    What the head of the family is most worried about is the continuation of the incense. If this allows children and grandchildren to have more children, coupled with sufficient trust fund assets, the continuation and development of the family can be more ensured.

    For Su Chengfeng, if his children and grandchildren did not satisfy him, he would not change this will until he died.

    But if the children and grandchildren have strong abilities and can gain their own trust, then there is no time to change the will when it is about to die.

    In this way, this old fox can firmly hold the power of the entire Su family and all the initiative in his own hands, and it is impossible for any offspring to threaten his rule over the Su family.


    Here, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin have just returned home. Before the two of them sat hot, Su Chengfeng's butler came to the door.

    I heard that the housekeeper of Su’s family came to visit Wu
Donghai’s first thought was: "Ye Chen, this guy is really good! I just came back, this Su family is here!"

    Thinking of this, he hurried to Wu Xin said, "Xiaoxin, in order to highlight the importance, you personally greet him outside, and invite the chief butler of the Su family to my study!"

    Wu Xin nodded hurriedly and walked out quickly.

    Wu Donghai straightened his collar and went to his study first.

    After a while, Wu Xin walked in with a middle-aged man who was about fifty years old.

    As soon as this person entered the door, Wu Donghai immediately greeted him.

    Wu Xin hurriedly introduced: "Dad, this is the chief steward of the Yanjing Su family, Mr. Su Anshunsu!"

    Wu Donghai immediately said with enthusiasm: "Oh, Mr. Su, I have been admired for a long time! Please sit down, please sit down! "

    Suan Shun nodded slightly, with something of a smile, said:"! Mr. Wu, the next day to come, is to give my lord, please do us a favor to Mr. Wu your home for dinner, "

    Wu Donghai although already guessed The other party came, but he still pretended to be flattered, and said excitedly: "Mr. Su is going to invite you to dinner?! Is this true?"

    "Of course!" Su Anshun smiled slightly and said: "I don't know if Mr. Wu has time tonight?"

    Wu Donghai said without hesitation: "Yes! Of course! Are you going to Yanjing? If yes, I will quickly get the crew ready for flight!"

    Su Anshun shook his head and laughed Said: "My old man is in Suzhou and Hangzhou, and I want

    to host a banquet in Suzhou and Hangzhou's home tonight." After speaking, he reminded with a very serious expression: "Mr. Wu, the news that my old man is coming to Suzhou and Hangzhou is only your father and son. Know, remember this matter and never reveal it to anyone!"

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