In order to win over Wu Donghai, Su Chengfeng asked his housekeeper to directly bring gifts to visit Wu's house.

    The chief butler of the Su family has the same qualifications and status as Tang Sihai, and even worse. Moreover, the chief steward represents not only himself, but also the head of the family, Su Chengfeng. Therefore, let the steward visit Wu in person. Home, it definitely gives the Wu family face.

    Su Chengfeng attached great importance to the win over the Wu family, so he asked his butler to visit him on his behalf.

    Su Chengfeng also knew very well that he had become a rat crossing the street right now, and it would be impossible for him to return to Yanjing in a short time.

    So he must be prepared to stay in Suzhou and Hangzhou for a long time.

    This incident gave him the feeling that it was a period of history when the British and French forces invaded Yanjing in 1860 and the Qing Emperor Xianfeng hurriedly fled to Rehe.

    When the British and French forces invaded Yenching, Emperor Xianfeng fled in a panic like him.

    However, the fate of Emperor Xianfeng is a bit miserable.

    After waiting for a year in Rehe, I didn't wait for the chance to return to Beijing. As a result, he died in the second year after escaping to Rehe, only 31 years old.

    In order not to repeat the latter of Xianfeng, Su Chengfeng had made a comprehensive plan for himself since the moment he fled from Yanjing.

    He came to Suzhou and Hangzhou because he wanted to quietly establish a foothold in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Not only would he bring all the top local families in Suzhou and Hangzhou over, but also quickly transfer the industries of the Su family across the country to Suzhou and Hangzhou to consolidate the Su family’s presence in Suzhou and Hangzhou basis.

    He wanted to make Suhangda the second base camp of the Su family.

    In addition, he also wanted to hold his eldest son Su Shoudao up again and let him serve as the acting chairman of the entire Su Group.

    Once Su Shoudao becomes the acting chairman of the board, it means that he has been formally established as the "prince" of the Su family. This will not only allow Su Shoudao to stick to him honestly, but also reduce the outside world's attention to him to a certain extent.

    What he thought was to draw Su Shoudao over, let him be his own puppet, and show his face in public, while he hid in Suhang Chuilin to listen to politics, so as to ensure that his power would not be weakened by Su Shoudao.

    The entire Su family is in the hands of Su Chengfeng business for so many years, whether it is the shares of the group, the voting rights of the board of directors, the veto, and the management of family trust funds, etc., all of them are Su Chengfeng was alone.

    Therefore, as long as he does not transfer these rights, even if Su Shoudao sits on the position of acting chairman, he cannot have any real power, let alone take this opportunity to seek usurpation.

    Moreover, Su Chengfeng is extremely exquisite. He has already made a will. Once he dies, all the property of the entire Su family will be automatically handed over to the trust fund established by the Swiss Bank for management. The property of more than one trillion yuan, any one of the Su family The children have no right to call, they can only receive living expenses from the trust fund every month in accordance with the rules set by Su Chengfeng.

    As for the standard of living expenses, Su Chengfeng also set it early. Each of his sons and daughters can receive 10 million per month, and his spouse can receive 5 million per month; his grandchildren can receive 6 million per month. , His spouse can receive 3 million per month. If the grandson has children, each heir can receive 2 million per month before the age of 18.

    Counting it down, if Su Chengfeng didn't change his will before his death, after his death, the entire Su family's juniors would be able to receive two to three billion in living expenses in one month.

    However, the Su family's assets exceed one trillion yuan, and its monthly net profit exceeds ten billion yuan. No one is eligible to use the remaining money, so it can only be put into the trust fund for profit.

    It seems that it is very unfair to these children and grandchildren of Su Shoudao, because even if they continue to receive living expenses until they die, the Su family will have more money.

    However, Su Chengfeng had his own plan for the reason why he was so determined.

    First of all, this will is here, which is Su Chengfeng's amulet.

    Because, no heir of the Su family would have the intention of murdering Su Chengfeng.

    The reason is that once Su Chengfeng is dead, not only will they not be able to inherit the position of head of the family, but their income will be greatly reduced.

    Originally, a family can earn tens or tens of billions a year, and they can also get a lot of other resource support from the family, but once the father dies, everyone lie down to receive the dead salary, the family can receive a few One hundred million is a big deal, and it shrinks ten times, even tens or hundreds of times.

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