At this time, Wu Xin, who stood by her side and dared not speak, couldn't help but get excited.

    Ye Chen smiled and said: "It is a cure can cure, but I have to put words in front, if you help me do this thing, you son of two questions, I can help you a cure."

    This As soon as the words came out, Wu Donghai's expression was a little disappointed, and he thought to himself: "Only one can be cured? Ye Chen, this guy made it clear that he wants to hang me with his son!"

    However, if one can be cured, it will always It's better than one can't be cured.

    He really felt sorry for his little son. If he had a chance to cure his illness, it would really make up for his huge regret.

    So he immediately agreed and said: "You can rest assured, Ye Gongzi, I will go all out to complete the task you entrusted to me!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at the time, and said: "Okay, you two Go back quickly. Once the Su family finds you, let me know as soon as possible."

    Wu Donghai hurriedly said : "Good

    Master Ye!" Ye Chen looked at Chen Zekai and ordered: "

    Old Chen, see off the guests." Chen Zekai pointed out immediately . Facing the door, he made a gesture of invitation and smiled: "Mr. Wu, please."

    Wu Donghai hurriedly said to Ye Chen respectfully: "Master Ye, then I will go back first!" After all

    , he took Wu with him. Xin, carefully exited the room.

    Chen Zekai sent the father and son to the apron on the roof of the building. After the father and son got on the plane, Wu Xin said hurriedly: "Dad! If this matter is over, you must let Ye Chen heal my leg! "

    Wu Donghai said without thinking about it?" said: "Except for your leg is a little lame now, there is basically nothing wrong with it, but your brother 
My brother is still tortured every day, of course he must be treated first! "

    Wu Xin look anxious, blurting out:" Dad! I am the eldest son of the Wu family! If I limped on one leg in my life, where would the Wu family's face go? "

    Wu Donghai said sharply: "Then have you ever thought about your brother?" Have you ever wondered how he has managed to get through this step by step for such a long time? "

    Wu Xin was also a little anxious, and said quickly: "My brother has been used to it for such a long time. I went to see him in his room yesterday, and happened to see someone serving him to eat that. He didn't show any pain. The whole process was normal. , Like a chronically ill patient taking medicine, numb. "While

    speaking, Wu Xin couldn't help but said: "Furthermore, I shouldn't say something. The shame of my brother has already been completely lost. Even if he is cured, it is impossible to save him from Wu. Loss caused by family reputation! "

    Will you let your brother come out to take over the family affairs after your brother is cured?" If that is the case, as soon as he appears in the outside world, outsiders will point him to him, saying that he is a crazy person who ate that food before! "In

    that case, the reputation of our Wu family will be hit twice!" "

    But I'm different, Dad!" "

    I am the future heir of the Wu family and the future business card of the Wu family!" "

    If I appear in front of the public every time, as a limping man walking, then the Wu family's face will also be damaged;"

    "But if I can recover and become a normal person, then I will be able to appear in front of the public with a perfect image that is innocent enough and without any black history! "

    When the time comes, our father and son will work together, and the Wu family will surely be able to reproduce the scenery before!" "

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