In Ye Chen's view, the Su family is now in a critical crisis. In addition, they are now being cast aside by the people of the whole country, so they must urgently need to add new things to their camp. Power.

    Moreover, it happened that Su Chengfeng had gone to Suhang now, so Ye Chen speculated that he might take the initiative to win over Wu Donghai and turn him into a dog of the Su family.

    In the eyes of the Su family before, people like Wu Donghai couldn't get into their eyes. Even if Wu Donghai ran to Yanjing himself, Su Chengfeng would not give him a chance to meet.

    However, this time is different.

    The Su family is now isolated and helpless. Whether it is in Yanjing or Suhang, they must win over some new teammates as much as possible.

    Therefore, Ye Chen wanted Wu Donghai to be his undercover agent to see what Su Chengfeng had to do.

    When Wu Donghai heard this, he immediately understood what Ye Chen meant.

    However, he was quite worried about this in his heart.

    "Ye Chen asked me to go undercover next to the Su family. Isn't this sending me as cannon fodder?"

    "If the Su family knows, I can't kill my Wu family?"

    "The strength of the Wu family is inherent A lot worse than the Su family, and after returning to Ye Chen, he paid a lot of shares. The strength of the Wu family is almost cut in

    half. How can he withstand the toss of the Su family?" Ye Chen also saw his worries and said lightly. "Wu Donghai, I have always rewarded and punished for doing things. If you do things beautifully this time, I will never treat you badly in the future, and you can rest assured that with me, the Su family will never do anything to you."

    Wu Donghai's heart is still a bit tangled.

    After all, he didn’t know Ye Chen’s so-called “will not treat him badly,” he could give What are your advantages?

    And he didn't know whether Ye Chen would question his life and death once the Su Family really had to deal with him.

    Seeing that he was still hesitating, Ye Chen said lightly: "Wu Donghai, or else, if you help me with this matter, then I will help you cure your son's disease. What do you think?"

    Wu Donghai subconsciously said: "Young Master Ye, my two sons...they... have some unspeakable hidden illnesses, can really cure them. "

    Wu Qi was given a psychological hint by Ye Chen. Almost no one in the country knew about the fact that he had to eat extra meals every hour, while Wu Xin had his leg broken before, although he is better now. Seven or eight, but he became a lame man, and he could not fully recover in his lifetime.

    Ye Chen sneered and said, "What is your son's condition? Hong Wu almost died in Zhang Zizhou's hands at the beginning. Didn't I save him in the end?"

    Yes. Wu Donghai's spirit was immediately lifted.

    He knew that Zhang Zizhou had gone to Tianxiang Mansion to kill Hong Wu and Ye Chen's old father-in-law Xiao Changkun, seeing that Hong Wu was about to die in his hands, but Ye Chen was rescued by a rejuvenating pill, which was incredible.

    Therefore, he couldn't help but secretly said: "If Ye Chen is really willing to help, whether it is Xiaoxin's legs or the hidden illness that Xiaoqi has to eat every hour, I am afraid it can be cured... "

    So, he asked excitedly: "Young Master Ye, you... are you serious about this?"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled: "Of course."

    Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "My eldest son, legs. Having been lame, the youngest son’s psychology has gone wrong again...Can you cure it?"

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