Chapter 2529 When

    Wu Donghai was still asleep, he was woken up by Chen Zekai on the phone.

    On the phone, Chen Zekai told Wu Donghai that Ye Chen asked him to take Wu Xin to Jinling immediately by helicopter.

    Wu Donghai dared not delay, got up quickly, took his son straight to Jinling.

    At ten o'clock in the morning, Wu Donghai's helicopter approached Chen Zekai's hotel gradually.

    As the helicopter continued to descend, Wu Donghai couldn't help but think of the scene where the father and son were directly shot out by Chen Zekai's people last time here.

    That time was the most humiliating day of Wu Donghai's life.

    Not only Zhang Zizhou and many other Wu family masters, but also very humiliating sentences were engraved on their foreheads, and even themselves and their son were beaten out by Chen Zekai.

    Looking back at that moment, Wu Donghai's fist was clenched involuntarily.

    However, he suddenly thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings buried at the foot of Changbai Mountain.

    Thinking of the tragic death of the Eight Heavenly Kings, he couldn't help fighting a cold war.

    It was precisely because of the death of the Eight Great Kings that he realized one of the most crucial facts: Ye Chen had enough strength to kill himself, even his whole family.

    The Eight Great Heavenly Kings took their own orders against Ye Chen. Ye Chen killed them but didn't take his own life. This was already his own good fortune.

    In addition, he now knew Ye Chen's true identity, so he became a little more afraid of Ye Chen.

    At this time, Wu Xin beside him said with some worry: "Dad, what are you saying Ye Chen is looking for with us?"

    Wu Donghai hurriedly scolded: "Asshole, can you call Ye Gongzi's name directly?"

    Wu Xin said aggrieved: "Dad, aren't we talking in private? Why are you so sensitive..."

    Wu Donghai blurted out: "I'm afraid you are not stupid! What kind of body is Ye Gongzi
copies? Master Ye Family, top master! One person can kill the eight kings! Don't provoke him if you provoke anyone, even if you call his name directly behind your back, it is easy to provoke you! "

    Wu Xin curled his lips: "Dad. Are you a little too sensitive? "

    " Sensitive? "Wu Donghai asked him back: "Did you watch the video on the short video platform yesterday?" "No.

    " "Wu Xin said: "Since the incident of my brother and Liu Guang and Liu Ming's two bastard cross talks were transmitted to the short video platform, I stopped playing the short video platform, but I received news feeds, probably Know the whole story. "When

    Wu Xin mentioned Wu Qi and Liu Guang and Liu Ming, Wu Donghai couldn't help but feel a little bit angry. He held back his anger and asked him: "Then you think, besides Ye Gongzi, who else in Jinling has the ability and Courage, dare to directly tie the second son of the Su family? "

    Wu Xin thought for a while, his expression couldn't help but said nervously: "This...Dad, according to you, the second son of the Su family was tied up by Ye son? "

    Wu Donghai said: "In my opinion, in the whole Jinling, Ye Gongzi has the ability to do this. No one except him..."

    "I'll go... ..." Wu Xin couldn't help but exclaimed: "Why did Young Master Ye suddenly act on the Su family? ! Isn't it about declaring war with the Su family? ! "

    Wu Donghai shook his head:" I do not know specifically how, but as far as I know, leaves home and family have always been the Soviet Union feud, Ye Gongzi they might want to avenge his father instead. "

    Wu Xin shrank his neck and sighed: "Young Master Ye's acting style is too fierce. When the second young master of the Su family arrived in Jinling, he was tied up. He was not afraid of revenge after the Su family found him... "

    Wu Donghai said seriously: "Judging from his ability to kill the Eight Heavenly Kings by himself, he tied the second young master of the Su family, but it was as simple as a cat catching a mouse. "

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