The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2527

When Charlie settled Liona Du and Su Zhiyu in Shangrila Hotel, he did not expect that the hotel would reveal his identity to a certain extent. After he posted the video on the Internet last night, he did not pay much attention to this matter. Because he knew that this video would definitely drag Su Chengfeng and the entire Su family into the quagmire of the whole people’s crusade. And he posted the video to the short video platform acquired by the Wade family so that there is no need to worry that the Su family will turn this video off. Because for the Wade family, no matter how much money they gave, it would be impossible for them to do business with Uncle Su’s family. Zhongquan Wade would never miss this opportunity to humiliate and attack the Su family. When Charlie got up in the morning, Claire was still asleep, Charlie got out of bed gently to wash, and when he came to the first floor, Elaine was already cooking with crutches. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2527 Although Elaine had broken her leg, she was very active during this period. As long as it was housework within her ability, she did not shirk at all. This time, Elaine was watching with gusto while holding her mobile phone, and while guarding the egg fried rice in the wok, and under the armpit of her right arm was an aluminum crutch. Hearing Charlie coming downstairs, she hurriedly recovered and said with joy, “Oh, my son-in-law, come and see, we have something serious in Aurous Hill!” Charlie had basically guessed what she was talking about after hearing her words. However, he still pretended to be curious and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter?” Elaine said solemnly, “Do you know that Eastcliff has a very powerful family? The family name is Su!” Charlie nodded: “Oh… I’ve heard of it.” Elaine hurriedly said, “This old man from the Su family is so f*cking puss and shit that he hired someone to kill his daughter-in-law. Do you think this guy is a bitch?” Charlie smiled and said, “I heard you say that this old thing named Su is really a scambag!” “No more!” Elaine gritted her teeth and said, “Everyone can get it! Now the law is civilized, otherwise, it will be left in feudal society. Such old things must be too late! “My son-in-law, do you know Ling Chi? It’s just that the executioner used a knife to scratch him constantly, just like a western chef slices ham on TV. He slices a thin slice at a time and keeps a slice of three to five thousand dollars. He breathes!” you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2527 Charlie saw that Elaine was almost crushing her mouthful of teeth, and he couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Mom, why are you so emotional?” Elaine said annoyedly, “When I saw this f*cking news, I thought of that bastard grandma at first!” “That dead old woman was just as bad as this dead old man named Su!” “Damn, when she was in the detention center, do you know how cruel her heart was? The old thing couldn’t walk steadily. When hitting me, they were still struggling to kill me, wishing to beat me to death in the detention center!” “These two old things are so bad to their daughter-in-law, they are simply a pair of dog men and women who are angry at the same time!

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