The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2516

 Because of this, although he was very worried about Su Zhiyu's well-being, he still did not dare to leave Australia half a step until the old master gave the word.

He didn't even dare to call to question the old man, because once he angered him, his fate would only become worse on top of his current one. Su Zhifei was not very old and had never really experienced anything. The biggest and most serious thing he had experienced in his life was when he was kidnapped in Japan. In fact, when he was kidnapped that time, he had already panicked. The whole time he was like a quail half scared to death, far less calm than his sister Su Zhiyu, so now all the pressure was on his own shoulders and he couldn't breathe at all. He was desperate for his father to come back and be his backbone, but unfortunately, he dared to disobey the old man, but his father did not dare. When he heard his father say that he had to wait, Su Zhifei could not control his emotions and shouted, "You want to wait a little longer? What the hell are you waiting for? Are you going to wait until the news of Mom and Zhiyu's death and then come back to mourn?" you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2516 At this moment, Su Zynn felt that every word his son said was like a loud slap on his cheek, making his heart feel like it was dripping blood. However, there was nothing he could do at this time.He had experienced far more than Su Zhifei. He knew what it meant to "not try to be brave", and he knew what it meant to "plan before you act". He felt that those who knew that their opponent had a gun and still charged forward with their bare hands were all brave but not resourceful. Most of these people would become cannon fodder for others, so how could they have a chance to become famous generals who would stand on their swords and fight on the battlefield? If he disobeyed the old man's wishes again and ran back to his country at this sensitive time, he would definitely touch the old man's scales, and once the old man thought that he had a rebellious bone in his head, he would never have a chance to rise again in his life. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2516 Therefore, he could only explain patiently, "Zhifei, you asked me to go back and help you, but do you know that with your grandfather's character, if I go back now, I will already lose my freedom before you even see my face? It's even possible that you'll never have the chance to see me again in your life." Saying that, he hesitated for a few seconds and said seriously, "Zhifei, listen to dad for once, it's too late today, you should first settle down in Aurous Hill, tomorrow, while ensuring your safety, contact your grandfather and ask your grandfather and your uncle to send someone to help you find the whereabouts of your mother and your sister, you give me one day, if your grandfather doesn't contact me during this day, then I will go and beg him. No matter what, I'll get him to grant me permission to return to the country." In his heart, Su Zhifei wanted to curse in anger. However, after calming down, he also understood that what his dad said was not without reason. On the contrary, his father had given it a lot of thought, but he himself had been a bit too impulsive. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2516 Thinking of this, he said softly, "Dad, I know ...... You just leave me alone for now, I will call Grandpa in a while, I will communicate with you if there are any changes." Su Zynn gave a hint and instructed, "Don't call your grandfather tonight, I guess he should be planning how to find your mother and your sister by now, don't bother him, let's talk tomorrow!" After speaking, his phone suddenly popped up with an alert that another call had come in, and he exclaimed, "Your grandfather called me!"

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