The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2512

“To put it hard, if the Wade family really had this ability, they could have easily kidnapped me, or assassinated me directly at home, how could they keep being crushed by the Su family? ?” “That’s also…” The housekeeper hesitated for a moment, and then asked: “Master Su, then, could it be that the Wade Family suddenly made friends with some hidden master?” “It’s unlikely…” Su Chengfeng shook his head, and said, “The Wade family has always paid less attention to martial arts masters than we do. Zhongquan Wade, an old man, only has money in his eyes, and he will spend a lot of money to raise a large number of martial arts masters. In this kind of thing, he is not interested at all. So how can such a person find a real expert to help?” you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2512 With that said, Su Chengfeng said with a grim expression: “I can think of three possibilities now.” The housekeeper hurriedly asked, “Master Su, what are the three?” Su Chengfeng said, “The first possibility is that the He family is against me behind the scenes!” “What family?!” The housekeeper hurriedly asked, “You are talking about Su Ruoli’s family?” “Right!” Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth: “Since Su Ruoli’s accident, the He family has removed all the masters in our Su family, but never asked me for an explanation. The reason why they did not ask for an explanation is very important. Maybe it is planning to seek revenge in secret.” “Moreover, the He family is a family of martial arts, and there are many masters in the family. Maybe they are the ghosts behind them.” The housekeeper asked, “Master Su, what about the other two possibilities?” Su Chengfeng said with a solemn expression: “ Su Ruoli’s life or death is still uncertain. If this girl is dead, it will be fine. But if she really escaped, then with her personality, she will probably get revenge on me!” you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2512 The housekeeper opened the mouth and said: “Master since Su Ruoli’s whereabouts are unknown, I have followed your instructions and have been paying attention to the customs entry situation across the country. There has been no clue about her.” “That can’t be taken lightly!” Su Chengfeng sighed, “Although Su Ruoli is very young, she is indeed very powerful. If she is really alive, she is a time bomb.” After speaking, Su Chengfeng slapped his lips again and continued: “However, no matter it is the whole He family or Su Ruoli, their strength is very strong, but they are really not strong enough to make more than 20 top masters lick the dust. I didn’t notice it, so this is something I haven’t figured out…” The housekeeper nodded and said seriously: “When the He family never turned our face with us, we almost knew the situation within the family. Among their generation of young people, the strongest is Su Ruoli, but she does not seem to be strong either. To this point…” Su Chengfeng sighed and said, “There is another possibility.” The housekeeper hurriedly asked, “Master Su, what’s the possibility?” Su Chengfeng said, “Do you remember that Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu had an accident in Japan and were saved by a mysterious Chinese man?” you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2512 “Yes I remember Master.” The housekeeper said, “Miss Zhiyu has always wanted to find the whereabouts of that mysterious person.” Su Chengfeng said: “That person is extremely powerful! One person can kill multiple top Japanese ninjas unharmed, which is almost equivalent to one person being able to kill multiple Chinese martial arts masters in succession! It is definitely the top of the top! If this person is capable It’s really so strong, then it’s very likely that he will kidnap Su Shoude quietly under the eyelids of more than twenty masters in the Su family!”

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