The Charismatic Charlie Wade-chapter 2524

Su Zhiyu couldn't help but sigh.She also felt that what her mother said was right. The gentry of these top families might still seem very mysterious to the outside world, but to the real members of the top families, they all knew these gentry of other families very well. Although all of these gentry from the top families were so-called high achievers who had returned from studying overseas, Su Zhiyu knew very well that most of these were all shiny and bright straw men. To put it nicely, they were embroidered pillows.To put it more bluntly, they are just donkeys' shit balls with superficial light. Don't look at these big gentry, each of them speaks fluent English, and at the same time, they know the world situation very well, and can talk about the global economic development, but when they are really asked to do something, they may be as blind as Zhao Kuo who talks about the military on paper. There was a very famous gentry who claimed to be a wizard in the business world and made billions of dollars in just a few years on his own, but in the blink of an eye, there was news that his company had gone into a mine and was in debt. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade-chapter 2524 Billions of dollars in assets, turned into billions of dollars in liabilities in a flash. And such a person was definitely not an exception in the upper class society. Therefore, it was hard for Su Zhiyu to believe that her own benefactor, who was like a divine soldier and all-powerful, would also be from some grand family's gentry. Thinking of this, she could not help but fall into contemplation again, and after a long time, she said bitterly, "Mother, my benefactor is not a male son of a big family, but he is called a young master, what exactly could he be from?" Liona Du smiled and said earnestly, "You have to find this benefactor, who is so divinely capable that his abilities are no longer beyond my imagination, so his identity must not be something we can easily guess either. As she said this, a face suddenly flashed into her mind. It was a face that was incredibly familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar. It was the young man she had seen at the entrance of Changying Wade's former residence, who looked like Changying Wade. He looked so much like Changying Wade that he could be sure that he was 100% Changying's son. While thinking , Liona Du couldn't help but think, "Could the benefactor Su Zhiyu is looking for, was Changying's son?!" you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade-chapter 2524 As soon as this thought came to him, Liona Du could not help but overturn his speculation again. "When I saw that young man that day, he was dressed very ordinary and was riding a ragged electric bicycle, so I think he should have had a tough time, so he shouldn't be the benefactor Su Zhiyu has been longing for ......" Liona Du fell into contemplation, another question popped up in his mind, "Then ...... Who is the one who robbed Changying's former residence with me at the auction?" When Su Zhiyu saw her mother's expression sometimes grave, sometimes torn, sometimes puzzled, she couldn't help but ask, "Mom, what are you thinking about?" Liona Du came back to her senses and said, "Oh, nothing ...... Mom was just thinking about something, and didn't sort out any clues." you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade-chapter 2524 After speaking, she then said to Su Zhiyu, "Zhiyu, you don't need to be too anxious, since that benefactor has placed us here and has his men protecting us at all times, it is equivalent to establishing an indirect connection with us, this is much more optimistic than your previous situation of searching for a needle in a haystack and not finding any clues, so you wait patiently, I believe he will reveal himself sooner or later! " Su Zhiyu nodded and was about to speak when a sudden flash of light came to her mind, "Mom! Do you think this hotel, could it be the property of my benefactor?!"

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