The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2519

One thing that made Su chengfeng superior to Su Zynn was that he had constructed a rough framework in his own brain through traces, and at the same time calculated the existence of Charlie, a mysterious person, within this framework. In fact, Su Chengfeng had always been a very shrewd old fox, and many of the things he had planned were almost flawless, except that on several occasions, it was because he could not anticipate the existence of a variable like Charlie that he had missed the mark by a hair's breadth. This time, he surmised that Su Zhiyu was not dead, and that Su Zhiyu must have been saved by someone of high calibre, which is why he decided to try his best to save Su Zynn's family. The first breakthrough point was naturally Su Zynn, the head of the family. The phone call just now not only pacified Su Zynn, but also expressed his apology to Su Zhifei in front of Su Zynn. If this father and son believed what he said, then he had at least salvaged half of this family of four. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2519 Although Su Zynn could not possibly forgive Su Chengfeng so easily, at this moment, his heart, too, was indeed slightly eased because of Elder Su's active admission of fault just now. After all, Su Chengfeng had never bowed his head and admitted his mistakes to anyone in his life, and suddenly apologising in person did surprise him. Moreover, Su Chengfeng could not calculate the existence of Charlie, a mysterious factor, so he was not sure of the old man's true motive for yielding. Coupled with the fact that he himself had been sent to Australia, there was absolutely no need for the old master to bow down to him even if he had done something wrong to him, or even, the old master could have completely put him under house arrest for eternity, which was also the old master's usual style of action. But instead of choosing this way, he took the initiative to bow his head and admit his mistakes and plead for forgiveness, which made Su Zynn think that the old man might have really come to his senses and had thoughts of reforming and making amends. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2519 The fact that the old man was willing to make amends and agree to let himself return to China was tantamount to being prepared to restore his status as the heir. No one would have a problem with the trillion dollar family fortune, so Su Zynn's heart was not only surprised, but also excited. However, on the other hand, there was the grief and worry of his own daughter's death, and on the other hand, the excitement and thrill of a salted fish turnaround, and the mix of these different emotions made Su Zynn feel a little ashamed. He was also ashamed because, as he found out, he could not stop the excitement he felt deep down in his heart under such circumstances. This also made him understand one thing completely. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2519 Why was it that in ancient times there was a succession of battles for the throne and great power between flesh and blood of the closest relatives? Brothers kill brothers, fathers kill sons, sons kill fathers, and so on and so forth are commonplace in history. The reason for this is that the interests before them were so great that they put blood and kinship behind them. Not many people in the world would agree to sacrifice their next of kin if they could only get a hundred dollars in return. But what about sacrificing one's next of kin, if one could get back ten billion, or even a trillion? I am afraid that many people would be completely overwhelmed by this huge profit. Su Zynn is also a mortal, with seven emotions and six desires. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2519 After being sent to Australia, he experienced the feeling of losing all his power, and this sense of loss was etched in his bones. Now, when he finally saw a chance to turn the tide against him, how could he not be excited? So he called Su Zhifei and briefly explained the situation to him, and then instructed him, "Zhifei, I think your grandfather has really realized his mistake this time, so don't resist him too much in your heart, understand?"

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