The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2518

"This old man does have a way ...... of doing things." "Obviously he sent me to Australia and then disguised me under house arrest, now that he needs my help back, he even said that I am now enjoying my blessings in Australia, what the f*ck am I enjoying in this sh*tty place?" Although he thought so, Su Zynn immediately obeyed the old man's words and said, "Dad, I'm really sorry, I've been idle for a while, if you need me to go back to help, then I'm always at your disposal." Su Zynn wanted to go back, but he couldn't immediately take a stand and say, "If you need me, then I'll leave right now. Even if the old man had said the words to this extent, he still had to put the initiative in the old man's hands and say one last time that he was at his disposal at all times. In this way, on one hand, he would appear to have absolute respect for the old master, and on the other hand, he would also appear to have a humble stance in front of the old master. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2518 In this way, it would also lower the old master's defensiveness towards himself. Hearing this, the old master really felt refreshed and said hurriedly, "In this way, I will have the plane prepared over in Australia, so you can hurry back as soon as possible!" After speaking, he added, "By the way, I plan to leave Eastcliff as soon as possible and go to Suhang to hide from the wind, otherwise, before dawn, I am afraid that both the police and the Du family will come to my door, and it will definitely be a big trouble then." Su Zynn hurriedly asked, "Dad, where do you plan to go when you leave Eastcliff?" Su Chengfeng said, "I want to go to Suhang, where we have a part of our property and a large estate. Su Zynn then asked, "Dad, should I fly to Eastcliff or Suhang?" "Let's fly to Suhang." Su Chengfeng said, "I'll take the helicopter to the airport after I hang up the phone, I can get to Suhang in about three hours, you can fly directly to Suhang later, I'll wait for you in Suhang." you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2518 "Good!" Su Zynn immediately said, "Then I'll get ready right now." Su Chengfeng spoke, "Zyn, there are some things that dad has to do, you must not blame dad, especially the matter of Liona, dad also had no choice but to consider the reputation of the Su family ......" Su Zynn did not hesitate to say, "Dad, don't worry, I understand you 100% on this point ......" The fact is that the woman, Liona Du, has not been able to forget about Changying Wade for so many years! She hasn't divorced me yet, and she went to Aurous Hill to buy the mansion where Changying Wade lived, which is a slap in the face of Su Zynn and the entire Su family. Even if you don't want to solve this trouble, once I go back, I won't let her go!" After listening to this, Su Chengfeng said with great satisfaction, "Zynn, I am very pleased that you can have this kind of knowledge, worthy of being the son of the Su family, in front of the big issues of right and wrong, you can see much more clearly than ordinary people!" Saying this, he continued, "It's getting late, you should hurry up and prepare, we'll talk about the details when you return." "Yes dad." Su Zynn said respectfully, "Dad, you've been travelling all night, take care of your health!" you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2518 "Okay, I know." Su Chengfeng answered, remembering something, he added, "Right Zynn, when the video first came out, Zhifei came to my place and made a big fuss, then he disappeared, if he contacts you, you remember to apologize to him on my behalf, I, being a grandfather, do have a bit of a hot temper, tell him not to take it personally." Su Zynn really didn't expect that the old man would take the initiative to apologise to his son, so he hurriedly said, "Dad, Zhifei just called me again, the biggest problem with this child is that he is not mature enough and has not encountered enough things, he is easily confused by the messages from the outside world, so he cannot see the essence of things. I will definitely bring him to you to kowtow in front of you when I return." Su Chengfeng was very satisfied with Su Zynn's words and said, "In that case, then I am relieved, you should hurry back, I will wait for you in Suhang!"

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