The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2517

When he received Su Chengfeng's call, Su Zynn felt that it was both within reason and outside reason. He hurriedly reassured his son a couple of times before hanging up and turning to Su Chengfeng's call, impatient to find out what Su Chengfeng's intentions were. As soon as the call came through, Su Zynn said somewhat nervously, "Dad ...... You ...... Why are you calling me so late?" Su Chengfeng sighed at the other end of the phone and spoke, "hey, Zynn, Dad called here to apologize to you." With that, he asked, "You must have seen the video circulating on the internet, right?" Su Zynn said truthfully, "Yes dad, I have indeed seen it." As soon as the words left his mouth, Su Zynn hurriedly added, "Dad, I know that you must have some opinions about my wife Liona, but I believe that you will definitely not have any bad intentions towards my daughter Zhiyu, Su Shoude and that Stuart, they must have been forced by someone, that's why they are talking nonsense in the video and throwing dirty water on you!" you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2517 These words of Su Zynn instantly moved Su Chengfeng deep inside. He really did not expect that his eldest son, at such a time, could still be so sensible and objective, and had even revealed the truth of the matter that he wanted to shout out in his heart! This truth was: "I never wanted to kill my own granddaughter! The only person I wanted to kill was Liona Du!" "But with Stuart and my own son all identifying me in the video, throwing all the blame and trumped up charges onto me alone, and with over a billion people across the country seeing it, I'm at a f*cking loss to defend myself!" Human emotions are so subtle. Even if you have quite a preconception about someone, when you are not understood by anyone but this person, your attitude towards him is bound to change 180 degrees. Because he is your only confidant. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2517 Su Chengfeng felt this way at this moment! I didn't expect that my eldest son, who was least likely to understand him, would reveal the truth in one word, which not only touched him, but also surprised him in a few ways. Su Zynn's words were actually intentional. In his heart, he actually hated Su Chengfeng very much because, even if Su Zhiyu really wasn't killed by the old man, Su Ruoli would always have no more room for sophistry, right? Moreover, Su Zynn's own being put in a sh*tty position and thrown to Australia was also the work of the old man himself. Under such circumstances, the hatred for him in Su Zynn's heart would not have diminished in the slightest. However, he still cleverly hid all his negative emotions and showed complete understanding to the old man right from the start, which instantly won him over deep inside. you are viewing The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2517 The old master sighed and spoke, "Zynn, it's still you who understands me ...... Zhiyu is my most beloved granddaughter, how could I possibly lay a cruel hand on her? This group of netizens outside are really confused! They just listened to the false accusations of villains!" He hurriedly added, "Right, Zynn, now that there are so many major incidents happening in the family, you can't stay in Australia alone and enjoy your happiness, hurry back and help Dad to tide over the difficult times!" As soon as Su Zynn heard the old man's words, his expression was worse than eating sh*t.

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