Most Amazing Old Cars you should Know

Fiat 500

Own list of amazing vintage cars begins with one that has the honorary title of being one of the first urban vehicles on the planet.

The fiat500 is the creation of the famous Italian company.

This model belongs to the second generation.

The world firstsaw this car in July 1957.

The car enthusiasts immediately appreciated the compact dimensions of the fiat 500.

In addition, the car was extremely practical and relatively cheap.

So, it quickly gained popularity around the world.

Until the 1950s cars were quite bulky even those that were considered too compact.

That's why the fiat 500 took the small car concept to a whole new level.

It was only three meters long.

production of this car also stopped in 1975 but let's talk specifically about the car, you're seeing this clip because it has much more in common with the modern world than you might think the exact name of the model is the fiat 500Lamborghini.

if you research the history of the Fiat 500 you'll discover that Fiat never actually produced a model called the Lamborghini.

the fact is that this Fiat 500 was tuned with great skill.

the changes affected both the appearance and the interior of the car surprisingly.

the specialists at the old Medi mechanical workshop in easily managed to place the engine of a Lamborghini Mucilage inside the small Fiat 500.

it was not so easy to place the 580 horsepower v12 engine between the rear wheels.

by the way this car is very difficult to drive.

its enormous power is disproportionateto its small weight but the idea is interesting the car looks compact.



the story of this car began just after the end of World War 1.

one by the end of the war Germany ended up with a lot of powerful but absolutely unnecessary war vehicles.

German engineers knew this and couldn't help but take advantage of the opportunities.

it offered so they managed to acquire the engine of a real bomber.

it was a 47 liter,12-cylinder BMW V engine of amazing dimensions 510 kilograms, in weight 1.8 meters long and 1.1 meters high.

this giant engine needed a special chassis which fortunately was found after a while.

the 1907 American vehicle LaFrance was originally used by firefighters.

the German engineers decided to use this vehicle to install the Bombers engine.

they named it Brutus it was crazy by team from the auto and Technik museum Sinsheim.

the car became a great racing vehicle and rightly so the 550-horsepower engine which delivered up to fifteen hundred and thirty rpm allowed it to accelerate to two hundred or meters per hour.

Jaguar e-type

we could talk about the impressive appearance of this car for a long time although the Jaguar e-type was first released in 1961.

it is still in high demand and sauce after.

 in 2008, the model was ranked first in the Daily Telegraph's 100 most beautiful cars

sports car international magazine placedthe e-type at the number one of their lists of top sports cars of the 1960s.

even Enzo Ferrari the founder of Ferrari referred to the Jaguar e-type as the most beautiful car in the world.

in our opinion the most interesting thing is that the model became the result of a long journey of trial and error.

it took almost 10 years to create a car that was powerful lightweight and sturdy allat the same time

the creators managed to skillfully combine an original appearance great speed and an economical price so it's no surprise that this car is a Nvidia.

this model belongs to the first and earliest Series in 1961 journalists managed to achieve a record speed of almost 242 km/h with the Jaguar e-type and finally an interest in fact the suspension of this car was designed in the shortest possible time.

thanks to a bet to win five pounds engineer Bob Knight's developed the suspension in less than 30 days.


Mercedes 300sl Gullwing

it's time to see you image of a car considered by many experts to be the world's first supercar.

the 300sl Gullwing is the first Mercedes sports car produced after the world.

the model was first introduced in 1954 and production ended in 1963.

the developers clearly wanted to create a new generation of sports car. it's safe to say that they succeeded because the Mercedes 300sl was built using the most advanced technologyat the time.

the engine with a working volume of almost 3000 cubic centimeters produced 215 horsepower.

the car had one of the world's first direct fuel injection systems.

these and many other features allowed the cars reach speeds of up to two hundred and sixty-three forces per hour.

the figure made the Mercedes 300sl the fastest car its time.

 in 1999, the model was recognized as the best sports car of the twentieth century.


the BMW 3.0 CSL, this model was specially developed for the European Touring Car Cup.

in total BMW produced one thousand two hundred and sixty-five copies of the CSL 3.0 model.

this vehicle is an improved version of the BMW E9.

it was first presented in 1972.

unique features include the thin steel chosen for the hood.

 to further reduce the weight of the car, the manufacturer removed upholstery soundproofing and many parts of the hood and roof are made of aluminum alloy.

but what does this vehicle do on our list the fact is that at one point the BMW 3.0 CSL was a very successful racing car.

 even today, this car is considered awesome and legendary according to some rumors.

this car is the reason why the BMW brand ranks so highly among car manufacturers.

Bugatti type 35 B

right now, you're looking at a car that won over 1,800 races.

 among themsome of the world's most famous and important competitions in 2008.

The Telegraph ranked the Bugatti type 35 54th on the list of the most beautiful cars in history and it does look pretty.

the Bugatti type 35 series was produced between 1924 and 1931 and in the early years the cast at about 50 records.

the models you see on the image is the latest version of the legendary car known as the type of 35.

be in total there are only 45 copies of this model in the world.

the engine power is only 138 horsepower too.

the kharkom reached speeds of up to 210 km/h.

it needs 6 seconds to accelerate to a hundred points as per hour.

the Image is impressive considering that the car is created almost a hundred years ago.


Lamborghini Diablo GT

the car today of course doesn't boost hundred years of history but that doesn't make it less amazing.

production of the Lamborghini Diablo began in 1990.

it was the Italian company's first car which managed to reach an incredible top speed of 320 km/h.

the Lamborghini Diablo cheats see the version launched in 1998.

in total the company produced AC cars which are sold exclusively in Europe.

the top speed of this particular model is 338 km/h.

this increase was made possible by an engine modification with a capacity of 583 horsepower.

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