sir doors
there are many companies all over the worlds that produce heavy juicy incredibly reliable doors one of them is the Turkish company's surf. The doors of this company do not break down. They withstand loads that may be destructive to other doors. They don't lose their integrity even after the impact of a sledgehammer or a battering ram. At some point cracks begin to form on the wall while the door still resists. The secrets of such amazing durability lies in the construction under the wooden frame. There is a thick steel layer thus this door looks like any other normal door. However, it will protect the roof from intruders.
Innotech doors

These are the products of another company that creates heavy-duty doors. Their main feature is the presence of glass which as we all known doesn't possess special strength but don't let this design mislead you initech doors are as strong as any other. Generally, the tests of a normal door as well as three classes of initech doors these are security plus the more pluses the higher the strength, plus the first-class structure doesn't break if you throw a stone at it but it won't survive the impact of a tire. iron security + + withstands more intense stone blows when hit by its higher iron the glass breaks however it doesn't lose integrity thus the intruder still cannot get inside finally security + + + can withstand even the blows of a massive hammer of course if you hit the door for a very long time it will break at some point but thieves usually try to get into the house quickly and unnoticed the strength of these doors is enough to scare an intruder away and make him stop trying to get into the house the secrets of the door strength is the multi-layered glass the polymeric film between the layers holds the pieces of glass in place even when the integrity of the surface is broken [Music] skydesk doors when you watch this door construction being tested it's hard to imagine who and why would need such a protection the video shows a team of adult men armed with a variety of tools trying to open this door for as long as 15 minutes as you can guess one burglar or even several of them will be stopped by the strength of this door until they get nervous and run away or until the police arrive [Music] moreover sky dust doors are designed to withstand even gunfire during the test the structure was shot more than 30 times bullets left marks on the surface but none of them went through according to the European Standard en V 1627 the doors can have 6 resistance classes Lithuanian company sky das office Dorset two three and four stability classes [Music] plus two means increase protection a random burglar won't be able to get through using basic tools plus three indicates a high degree of protection such doors can't be opened even by an experienced burglar who uses drilling and hammering tools finally the fourth security class is ultra high the doors can be tested with power drilling tools as well as all the ones listed above TSS doors total security solutions is an American company that offers a wide range of bulletproof designs its specialists can produce absolutely everything for the protection of small or large businesses we are interested of course in the doors the video shows the stability of third class bulletproof steel doors surprisingly the door was short more than a hundred times and not a single bullet went through the tests were 100% successful according to the UL seventy-five to standard the bulletproof door can have eight resistance classes the first class construction must be able to withstand up to three shots from a 9-millimeter pistol plus eight construction must withstand up to five shots from an automatic rifle or shotgun the steel doors by total security solutions can have up to eighth class protection it's noteworthy that not only the door itself but also the frame and fittings have a huge safety margin the manufacturer offers to equip this door with a glass insert this is hard to believe but its presence will not affect the bulletproof index y se doors the first time you see this decorated door it doesn't occur to you that it's capable of surviving a burglary attack however despite its aesthetic qualities the doors of Malaysia's YS e industries Sdn Bhd have an amazing ability as you could say even the use of different tools doesn't help to open them the secret of the outstanding performance of the construction is its multi-layered and high quality fittings [Music] door hinges are made of heavy-duty stainless steel the door is equipped with a burglar resistant double lock the keys of a complex groove profiling code elements notes the built-in hook inside the door the pattern you might have taken for glass with sandblasted patterns is actually a decorative panel fire resistant doors the selection and installation of fireproof doors must be taken very seriously as you will understand from this video even one small mistake can cost you a lot the right door holds the fire from spreading as well as smoke and heat in addition it must be equipped with the special gasket when exposed to a high temperature for a long time they foam filling the entire interiors face of the doorway all the doors you see on the screen are claims to be fireproof however reinforced glass is not installed correctly in the door on the left the door and the rice doesn't have a foam gasket this is a fire test run by an authorized test center [Music] according to how the structures withstand these tests they are awarded a fire resistance limit smoke starts coming from the cracks on the second minute the door on the right the one without a gasket is not doing very well four minutes after the test starts the left doors glass bursts if it were in a public place a glass installation error would lead to a rapid spread of fire in the fifth minute a built in letterbox falls out at the right door causing an outdoor fire by this moments the smoke is bursting out of its crack so strongly but it would lead to a dangerous smoke spread throughout the premises eventually the left and right doors fail for tests the winner door can whisk down to 33 minutes before igniting all this time it lets in a minimum amount of smoke to after the test the doors are checked from the inside the right and the left ones are completely burned and the door in the middle has been damaged but its integrity has been preserved [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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