high-pressure cleaning the equipment you see on the screen can literally clean any hard surfaces dirt is removed by a powerful jet of water from the washer today's market offers a wide range of similar tools they differ in costs appearance but most importantly power pressure that the washer generates to create a water jet is measured in mega Pascal's depending on the model the washer can have a pressure from 5 to 200 mega Pascal's the least powerful models cope with simple impurities such as dirt including ingrained dirt [Music] high pressure washers are capable of removing corrosion paintwork and mold it's noteworthy that both horizontal and vertical surfaces can be cleaned in addition the nozzle is small enough to handle dirts in hard-to-reach areas this cleaning principle was invented in 1950 in 1984 the first prototype of a handheld washer was developed and it became the basis for the creation of the tools you see on the screen today the most powerful high pressure washers are purchased by companies specializing in cleaning territories however a more compact and portable model for home use can be purchased by anyone their price varies from a hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars rotor wash here is another equipment also intended for cleaning but this time indoors rotor wash devices are floor washers you can use them when you need to cope with large amounts of cleaning on a regular basis so with the help of rotor wash you can wash floors and shopping malls and some of the machines are designed specifically for cleaning the steps of an escalator as you can see the escalator continues to work [Music] [Applause] [Music] the principle of operation of this equipment is based on the opposite rotation of two cylindrical brushes between them is a special drum that collects dirt and transports it to the collection tank so rotor wash performs mechanical cleaning the dosing unit allows you to achieve perfect results during cleaning by spraying clean water or detergent solution in front of the machine the liquid dissolves the dirt but at the same time acts as a binding agent this means that it's easier for the brushes to collect the dirt into the rotating drum rotor wash saves up to 90% of water and chemicals when compared to conventional planing methods according to the developers the cost of the models you see on the screen varies from 3500 to $4,000 [Music] steam cleaner a truly excellent cleaning results is not just a surface that looks clean when it comes to a house or a place where medical and cosmetic services are provided it is important that the surfaces are also disinfected in these cases the ideal tool for cleaning is a steam cleaner there are many different models available the video shows a steam cleaner from the American company to pray the principle of operation of such equipment is quite simple the cleaning process combines the effects of water temperature and mechanical impact in a special tank the water is heated to a temperature of 115 to 155 degrees Celsius in this case 150 degrees as a result steam is produced it's noteworthy that it has low pressure and low humidity these are undoubtedly advantages so that the steam cleaners can be safely used in production and industry as well as in the household [Music] hot steam can penetrate between the dirt and the surface this causes the dirts who peel off and is then easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth the use of a variety of nozzles greatly expands the list of stars that the steam cleaner can handle the model you see on the screen can be purchased for $700 with its help you can wash floors grilles tiles upholstered and leather furniture and bathroom fittings hot steam removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well [Applause] [Music] skypro every year more skyscrapers appear all over the world for many years the problem of their cleaning was quite acute industrial climbers had to wash huge glass areas manually at the same time they were at a high altitude putting their lives at risk fortunately a few years ago skypro appeared on the market it's a professional automated cleaning system designed specifically to wash glazed buildings it can work at great heights - despite its considerable cost it pays for itself in just a year that's because it eliminates the need to constantly hire a team of workers for cleaning there are two models the sky pro and the sky pro many the video shows the work of the second model their only difference is their size but the way that they work is exactly the same inside the case there's enroller that cleans dirt from the glass surface the washer is lowered and raised using a winch mounted on the roof surprisingly skypro can handle at least 2,000 square meters of dirty glass in one working day [Music] Keele crap the inaccessibility to a contaminated area doesn't mean that it should be left unwashed all washed less frequently traditionally yachts boats and other vessels are washed in a special dock by hand wasting a huge amount of water this requires a lot of time and money as well if you don't do this regularly the bottom of the hull becomes covered with seaweed of various organisms in some cases their layer can reach up to half a meter which significantly reduces the performance of the ship the keel crab is a drone developed by Italian engineers it's designed to finally make the cleaning procedure quick and easy the main advantage of this washer is that it can work underwater weighing only nine and a half kilograms keel crab cleans the surface at a speed of one and a half square meters per minute regardless of the shape and size of the vessel the special turbine is powered by brushless engine creating a vacuum thanks to its the cleaner attaches to the surface of the hull and is able to work even upside down the keel crab also comes with a remote control the washer is equipped with a waterproof camera thus the operator has complete control over the cleaning process the retail price of the device is $2,800 [Music] Bissell carpet cleaner cleaning carpets is probably the most exhausting activity in the household regular vacuum cleaners only removes the top layer of dirt to really remove dirt from all layers of the carpets making it perfectly clean you need to use special equipment for example wet/dry vacuum cleaners like the ones that you can see on the screen they are manufactured by Bissell it's a powerful yet easy to use tool similar to the most common vacuum cleaner is unique feature is its ability to perform wet cleaning it removes persistent dirt even in the deepest layers of the carpet there are two liquid containers inside the cleaner this means that cleaning is always done with clean water the dirty water is drained into an additional tank the floor remains moist after treatment however according to the manufacturer it only takes an hour's drive out so in general cleaning is not uncomfortable Bissell offers several different models costing up to $200 [Music] hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]

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