[Music] pilaris terrain armored military technology has more strict requirements than any other that is why the Polaris terrain armored tires designed specifically for military vehicles will amaze any off-road enthusiasts they can be mounted on a quad or a car representatives of the company Polaris claim that non pneumatic tires were successfully used by the military and rescue teams and therefore decided to bring this technology to the market [Music] it is easy to guess that the main feature of these tires is its cellular structure which makes them less vulnerable to bullets the tires were shot from a 50 gauge weapon during a test and the results showed their effectiveness and serviceability in addition these airless wheels can withstand even a huge load at high mileage the outer rim of the tire is made of standard tyre rubber and it's equipped with protectors and in some cases it can also be equipped with spikes the cellular structure is made of a patented composite which combines high strength flexibility and shaped memory [Music] reconfigurable wheel track this is the latest developments of the National Engineering Center for robotics at Carnegie Mellon University USA its specialists improve the design of standard wheels so that they could transform into tracks the process takes two seconds this feature allows the car to instantly adjust to different types of soil and pavement [Music] [Applause] [Music] Eagle 360 last year at the International Geneva Motor Show Goodyear presented its conceptual smarts tires for their cars of the future these are spherical tires with artificial intelligence the unique shape allows them to rotate in any direction just as unmanned vehicles require it turns out that the Eagle 360 gives the vehicle amazing maneuverability in fact the car can move in any direction without turning around it is worth noting that the manufacturers took into account the necessities of the driver and the passengers so the tires provide a high level of comfort and safety [Music] Eagle 360 is covered in a plastic bionic shell with built-in sensors they collect the dates around the condition of the tires the roadway the surrounding conditions and even the location of the car the idea is that all this information in real time will be shown on the display in the car in addition the tires can use this information to learn this will allow them to more effectively adapt to the changes around and respond quickly to them [Music] shape-memory allow about a year ago NASA Research Center developers showed their new tires to the public their unique feature is their amazing wear resistance and durability the tires are not afraid of punctures deformations or bulges the secrets of their unique performance characteristics is in the special design the tires are made of a huge number of metal Springs which are interwoven into a grit of course the springs are resistant to damage but in addition they absorb vibration using internal friction just as standard wheels do [Music] the idea of creating such tires came to the experts when the tire of the Mars rover Curiosity got damaged in the fall of 2013 the rover got it when driving on a Stoney part of the path repairing the damage is impossible and henceforth the rover only rides on safe routes now thus NASA experts decided to develop these tires which in the future will be used to create vehicles and send them to other planets the springs are made of a special alloy of titanium and nickel and it has shape memory this means that within a small deformation up to 10 percent the wheels will be able to go back to their original shape it is noteworthy that the wheel will withstand even more serious defamation although in order for it to return to its previous form it's necessary to heats the material vision the design of the traditional tires which everyone uses is not perfect and not only because they're quite easily damaged they are a threat to the environment because we produce them and then throw too many old tires out to landfills the average life of a tire is five years which is a small period and that's why dumps are simply filled with used tires in recent years Michelin has been working to create tires that would not have these problems this is an innovative conceptual tire that's been printed using a 3d printer it has an airless design and is also made of biodegradable materials it's noteworthy that vision is both a wheel and a tire [Music] despite his biodegradability the material used to create the tread provides the same characteristics as a regular wheel [Music] that is the driver and the passengers will not feel the difference in the future sensors embedded in the device will transmit information about his conditions the driver the data obtained will allow a person to refine the tire change the tread pattern or make their own again using a 3d printer interestingly the American magazine time included vision tires and the top 25 best inventions of 2017 [Music] [Applause] McCollum wheels the Turkish company Cirque isley is engaged in the production of forklifts with a unique wheel structure roller bearing tires were designed by the Swedish engineer bank to deal on the idea came to the scientist in 1973 these wheels allow vehicles to move in any direction guaranteeing amazing maneuverability thanks to their wheels circ is Lee loaders can work even in the most constrained conditions in addition the speed and efficiency of work increases since you no longer need to spend extra time on maneuvering [Music] the working principle of the wheel is quite simple as well a great number of rollers are mounted onto the surface of the whole wheel they are positioned so that the angle of rotation is 45 degrees the driver changes the direction and speed of rotation of each wheel so the vehicle moves forward backward on a diagonal and even rotate around its own access amazingly with all this there's almost no slip between the rollers and the support surface this technology is used in tracked vehicles with skid steering however the tracks can seriously damage the roadway the wheels created by L on don't damage the surface because they rotate with a minimum friction force and low torque [Music] hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain eels welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]

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