McLaren p1 GTR the first car in today's video is valued as an incredible price of about 3.4 million dollars but you shouldn't be so surprised there are cars that cost even more the McLaren p1 GTR concept was first introduced in August 2014 the final version was presented in Geneva in March 2015 the car boasts an output of a thousand horsepower provided by a 3.8 liter v8 engine as well as an electric motor hidden in the left block the designers worked tirelessly to give the car an aggressive look the manufacturer released only a small series of McLaren p1 GTR s about 45 units first of all it is a race track car therefore it could only be purchased by people who had already bought the road version of the p1 taking this into account the actual price in the McLaren p1 GTR is even more than 3.4 million however this price includes consulting a specialists about driving training on the McLaren racing simulator as well as participating in six international racing competitions [Music] the Lamborghini veneno a limited edition of this car was released in 2013 there are only five copies of the Lamborghini veneno in the world only three of them were put up for sale as well it's noteworthy that despite the price about four million dollars all three cars were sold before release the car received its name in honor of the aggressive fighting ball for Nino who in 1914 during a bullfight in Spain took the life of toreador Jose Sanchez Rodriguez the car was designed for the 50th anniversary of the company - at that moment it was the most expensive car in the world the body of the Lamborghini veneno is made of carbon fiber and you've probably already noticed a large number of air collectors which give the veneno an even more unique look the basis for this exclusive car was the Lamborghini Aventador which had to lose about 125 kilograms to become the Lamborghini veneno the car is equipped with a six point five liter v12 engine the developers have optimized the exhaust system to improved aerodynamics and managed to achieve 750 horsepower the top speed is 355 kilometers per hour [Music] the Bugatti Devo it's hard to understand why someone would buy a car that costs the same as a few houses or apartments it's even more difficult to understand what a car must be made of to cost as much as 5.5 million dollars but there's nothing to understand apparently it's enough to know that it's just exclusive because not everyone can spend that much money on a car so the big attic Devo was first presented at the end of the monterrey car week in 2018 the car is powered by a four turbine 8-litre w16 engine its output is 1500 horsepower and the torque is 1,600 Newton meters as a matter of fact this car is an evolution of the famous because h0 the hypercar has been repeatedly modified for example it has 90 kilograms more downforce at high speeds also engineers have improved the suspension brackets and have increased the camber the result is a car that runs at eight seconds faster than the Chiron and three seconds faster than the Chiron sport the maximum speed that can be achieved is 380 km/h a total of 40 vehicles were produced this explains why it's so cheap and now you'll see that a unique car can cost much more [Music] the Maybach Exelero and although this car was released back in 2005 we had to include its in our list of the most expensive cars that's because its owner paid the incredible eight million dollars for it the Maybach Exelero was developed in cooperation with the tire manufacturer folder it's based on the maybach 57 limousine the manufacturer worked pretty hard on the design of the car both inside and out the list of materials that were used for interior decoration includes natural leather neoprene aluminium and polished carbon-fiber the designers intentionally added aggressive lines to give the car a terrifying look the car is designed for two people it has a six-litre v12 engine with 700 horsepower under the hood the Maybach Exelero accelerates from nought to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds its maximum speed is 351 km/h [Music] the rolls-royce swept sale and here's another car that also exists in a single copy he was shown in 2017 at the concours owed eleganza Villa d'Este a the rolls-royce swept tail was produced for a clients who wanted a car that would look like a racing yacht and at the same time like a rolls-royce from the 20s or 30s the information about the customer is kept confidential it's only known that the owner likes to collects expensive cars and yachts and he paid 13 million dollars for the exclusive vehicle the design of the rolls-royce swept sail has unique features that made the car stand out first of all pay attention to the front panel in the passenger compartment it almost doesn't have buttons or handles the central console has a cooling compartment to store champagne as well as glasses between the air vents there's an analog clock it's made of ebony and the hands are cast in titanium inside the salon is also finished with wood evany and hold out the seats of course are made of leather and the roof is made of glass despite the fact that the body of this car seems to be a little longer the wheelbase here is exactly the same as that of the rolls-royce phantom coupĂ© a under the hood there's a 459 horsepower v12 engine with 720 Newton meters of torque [Music] pyew castle of watson wah every year car enthusiasts from all over the world wait eagerly for the Geneva International Motor Show this year view gasps II participated in this event to prove once again that it can surprise anyone this spring they showed their latest creation the Bugatti love what tour you are the price of this car is 18 million dollars the only problem is that even with this kind of money it's no longer possible to buy this car the Bugatti love western wall was produced in a single copy and sold immediately the name of the buyer remains anonymous and the head of the company just said that the car now belongs to a passionate be a gassy fan but let's talk about the car itself wkt 57 SC Atlantic was the inspiration for this new car it was the personal car of jean bugatti the son of the owner of the company as well as a talented designer during the second world war this car disappeared without a trace by the way it was also known as love washer and woth which translates from French has black car not surprisingly the car shown in Geneva is also painted black [Music] the view gauzy la voiture noir was released to celebrate the a hundred and tenth anniversary of the biggest company and the a hundred and tenth birthday of jean bugatti this car produces 1500 horsepower from a quad turbo 8-litre w16 engine it's all kissed 1600 Newton meters the car is also equipped with six exhaust pipes [Music] hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved 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