flyboard air this innovative single seater airplane has been brought in to replace self-balancing scooters hoverboards and jetpacks the flyboard air looks like a vehicle of the future and makes us think about the day when people will switch from cars and public transport to flying machines this vehicle is designed based on a conventional fly board which uses powerful water jets to lift a person in the air the flyboard air in turn is equipped with jet engines that run on kerosene fuel fuel is fed to the engine from a backpack located on the riders back therefore the creators managed to get rid of the unnecessary pipes and cables which connect the device to the ground in the pilots hands there is a control panel according to the creators the most difficult stage in the creation of the flyboard air was the development of the engine it wasn't easy to design it to be lightweight only around three kilograms and produce more than 30 kilograms of traction and not waste too much fuel at the moment the device can lift a weight of a hundred kilograms developing speeds of up to 140 km/h during six minutes of flight the developers however continue to improve the vehicle and soon that top speed will be 200 km/h the flight capacity will increase to 30 minutes and the load capacity to 200 kilograms [Music] Porsche 996 hoverboard the Bell and bells studio based in Barcelona is working on the creation of a hoverboard based on the Porsche 996 this company creates custom vehicles and furniture from unusual materials the Porsche 996 hoverboard is a unique vehicle assembled completely by hand a real car was used as the basis for its manufacture before that the company develops static furniture and different sofas in the shape of cars the Porsche 996 hoverboard is one of the first models to adopt the ability of the original car to move independently the developers thought that a sofa that you can travel on for example from the living rooms of the kitchen is an incredibly useful invention and they were right the device will go on sale in the second half of 2018 at the moment there's no information on price capacity and exact dimensions [Music] [Applause] [Music] deep flight the name of this device speaks for itself it was created for deep flights that is underwater it's quite easy to imagine as the exterior of the device is more or less like an aeroplane deep flight is an individual submarine with a glazed cockpit for the pilots and passengers who enjoy the underwater scenery the first model the super Falcon is quite large measuring 5.9 meters long 2.7 meters wide and 1.6 meters high the vehicle can travel to a depth of a hundred meters and is designed for passengers with a total mass of no more than 250 kilograms is designed in such a way that it's environmentally friendly traveling quickly but also in absolute silence [Music] another model the improved Super Falcon 3s also descends to a depth of 100 meters but is designed to support a total weight of up to 375 kilograms and although this device is a true submarine the board has a very unconventional appearance the creators of deep flight wanted everyone without special training to be able to use the vehicle that's why the controls are intuitive and training is minimal the cockpits designed to protect the pilots and passengers from pressure the creators claim that their device is absolutely safe and in any unforeseen situation it automatically rises to the surface [Music] nice and blade glider this unusual vehicle was first shown in 2013 but since then miss Sam has continued to refine it thus in June 2017 the functional prototype of the blade glider participated in the Goodwood Festival of Speed the car combines respect for the environment with impressive dynamic characteristics is part of the Nissan project to develop zero emission vehicles the main blade glider is not accidental as this electric vehicle literally glides on the road as it has a silent power unit and an aerodynamic shape [Music] the model has a fundamentally new configuration a narrow front and wider wheels this design gives the car optimum aerodynamic characteristics it also ensures reliable control the roof has an open structure however it's equipped with a reinforcement frame for greater safety and the event of tipping over is worth paying attention to the high midline of the body and the hinged butterfly wing doors that make every exit and entrance extremely impressive as already mentioned instead of fuel the car uses electricity there's however doesn't prevent it from achieving great power it's capable of accelerating up to 190 km/h in addition the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is less than 5 seconds tricker here we have a unique three-wheeled vehicle that looks like a scooter but has much more outstanding technical features each model is equipped with tricker Tech's patented 3 CV system which allows the rider to travel without pedals and even without having to touch the ground with their feet the movement is similar to that of some skates since to move the tricker the user pushes with one foot making an arch and moves the other foot and so on it's worth noting that a trip on the trekker can replace a visit to the gym thanks to his unique design the user uses almost all the muscle groups during the trip the manufacturer produces different models of the trekker weighing between 5 and 13 kilograms the body is made of durable aluminium and the brakes provide a high level of street safety thanks to the use of electricity as fuel the trigger is also environmentally friendly the high-capacity battery allows models to travel up to 45 kilometres on a single charge a definite advantage is the foldable design the vehicle is not only easy and convenient to store but can even be carried on public transport the cost of this electric vehicle depends on the model varying between 220 and 1100 dollars [Music] icon a5 on the screen we have an ultralight aircraft developed by the american company icon aircraft he was first introduced in 2008 but the first serial model was launched only in 2015 in short the icon a5 is a high wing monoplane with carbon-fiber fuselage and retractable landing gear it should be noted that the model has folding wings which can be retracted manually or using an optional electromechanical unit therefore being folded the icon a5 is compact and can be easily transported the aircraft is equipped with a 100 horsepower Rotax 912 is engine is designed to transport two people the creators wanted to simplify the handling of the aircraft as much as possible which is why the interior of the cabin is more similar to the interior of a car for added safety the icon a5 is equipped with an emergency parachute capable of safely landing the aircraft in an event of an emergency situation without damaging the fuselage the maximum speed that the aircraft can develop is a hundred and seventy-six kilometres per hour the range of flight is 791 kilometers the device can take off and land either on land or water hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]

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