dent goalie due to limited space in large cities minor accidents often occur in parking lots to record the actions and identity of careless drivers many people use tracking cameras 24 hours a day but this doesn't prevent damage to the vehicles this unusual device called the dent goalie is a solution to this problem these flexible impact resistant panels provide the car with excellent protection against scratches and other accidental damage which often occurs when parking in an open area dent goalie adapts perfectly to the shape of the vehicle and is securely attached to it thanks to a double magnetic strip with a rubber coating [Music] it's also worth noting that the position of the panels in the car can be changed according to the needs of the owner all the characteristics at the parking area at the same time despite the ease of installing or uninstalling the device dent goalie owners should not be afraid of thieves as the holder is located inside the vehicle this device cost less than $100 [Music] LAN modo Pro the land modo umbrella is installed on the roof of the car in 30 seconds and will protect the car from external influences allow you to save money on car washing prevent the cab from overheating and the hood from being damaged by hail or rain and also extend the life of the vehicle the design developed by the American start-up land modo is universal fully automatic and multifunctional the umbrella is fixed to the roof of the vehicle with the single movements of the lever that initiates the suction mechanism which is capable of supporting loads of up to 75 kilograms the device is controlled by a remote control included in the package the size of the dome made of either blue silver or black moisture proof material 210 D Oxford is three and a half by two point one meters and the frame of the structure is made of increased strength fiberglass [Music] [Applause] [Music] to improve wind resistance the umbrella is equipped with four straps that are attached with snap hooks and hinges to the base of the rear view mirrors and to the handles of the car doors thanks to this the design easily resists wind gusts at speeds of up to 13 meters per second the use of the umbrella also makes it possible to reduce the cabin temperature in summer to 35 degrees the designers also provided an anti vandal cable using the additional parts that must be purchased separately LAN modo can be transformed into a comfortable seven seat Sun awning for resting outdoors or into a summer tents with the USB socket for charging devices the price of this unusual vehicle umbrella ranges than 370 dollars to $700 depending on the configuration [Music] [Applause] posh aide another device designed to protect the car from the sun's rays is posh 8 the device visually resembles the blinds located on the windscreens and reliably protects the interior from heating par shade fits easily over the entire window and is securely fastened to the top with the help of magnets in addition manufacturers offer to place on the device any image or inscription that the customer wants to see for an example and advertisements of their own business among other advantages the device is easy to install over the dashboard in three steps and requires no additional tools posh aid is available in 7 sizes depending on the diagonal of the car's windshield the price ranges from 50 to 70 dollars [Music] car capsule showcase everyone who lives in the city knows what roads covered in ice snow and mud look like so it's easy to understand people it prefers to keep their cars in the garage during that time of year however even while in the garage the car can get dirty or damaged to minimize this risk engineers developed a device called car capsule the capsule itself is made of resistant polyvinyl chloride with a thickness of Northpoint to 5 millimeters which is protected against static and fire in addition the capsule is resistant against oil petrol and antifreeze [Music] to protect the car the base of the capsule unfolds on the floor after which the built-in fan inflates the dome and the car enters the resulting extent after this the zipper of the vinyl dome is fastened around the car forming a space completely protected against external factors in addition the fan maintains a constant airflow keeping a fresh odor during storage you can purchase this device for $2,300 at the manufacturers official website [Music] ceramic Pro the ceramic pro range of professional products has been created by the world leader in technology nano shine limited it's based on unique molecular ceramic compounds known as nano ceramics which form a durable coating the product reliably protects the vehicle body against accidental damage adverse environmental effects and corrosion the coating generates a hydrophobic effect thanks to a high surface tension as a result of which the liquid accumulates in droplets and exits the surface removing dust and dirt the high chemical resistance protects the car from reagents and allows the coating to be used even as an antigravity device it's also worth noting that thanks to ceramic Pro the vehicle or have to be washed less frequently the coating is absolutely transparent and according to the manufacturers makes the color of the car more vivid and saturates it and the presence of special filters in the coating that block ultraviolet radiation prevents fading by sunlight besides the car warms up less when it's hot in addition thanks to the coating the body becomes refractory and the paint doesn't deteriorate even after direct contact with fire [Music] flood guard car back Filipino Powell de la Fuente found an unusual way to protect his car from flooding his invention is a waterproof bag in which you can literally wrap the car without fear of water damage the flood guard car bag looks like a large plastic bag which however has great strengths and an impressive size to place the car in the polyethylene protective chamber the owner must place the car inside the flood guard bag and then zip it this way the whole car including the wheels will be hermetically sealed [Music] after that all that is left is to close the edges as well as to fix the resulting structure with special straps by tying it to a pole or tray this will prevent the car from being moved by the current to date flood guard comes in two sizes so it fits both a hatchback and a large SUV the cost of accessories on the manufacturers official website is two hundred and fifty dollars with a discount [Music] hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]

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