hover glide here we have the world's first backpack with a floating design it makes carrying a load simpler and allows you to run and jump without generating extra work on the back the secret element is the stabilizer the back of the backpack is fixed to a special rail using straps thanks to the stabilizer the user practically doesn't feel the weight of the cargo behind this back according to the developers with hover Glide any load will seem about 20% lighter at the same time the impact forces are reduced by 86 percent the idea of creating is practical an innovative device occurred to some students of the University of Pennsylvania 12 years ago however it was only possible to implement it in 2018 in the future the manufacturers are going to release two models of the hopper Glide the tourist version what would stand a load of up to 25 kilograms and a backpack for everyday use with support loads up to eleven point three kilograms [Music] Sol amigo unfortunately many people around the world have to deal with pocket theft another problem that most of us face every day is discharged gadgets the innovative backpack sol amigo can solve both these problems for only 289 dollars this is the first anti-theft backpack in the world which is also equipped with solar panels a compact lock fixes the zip sliders thus only those who have the key to this lock can open the backpack there's also a special leaf to attach the Sol amigo for example to a piece of furniture so that won't be robbed also the backpack is equipped with the USB connector to recharge any gadgets energy comes from the solar panel which is protected by a waterproof cloth the backpack can also be used as a portable charger as it can also be charged like a normal power bank it's noteworthy that Sol amico is not only functional and technological but also very convenient a great feature is the large number of internal pockets and compartments which allow you to wisely use the inner space of the backpack because each thing will have its own place the ergonomic anti-gravity design provides increased comfort since the weight is distributed evenly according to the developers the load of Sol amigo is 20% less than in any other ordinary backpack [Music] bulletproof backpack nobody knows what is waiting for you around the corner therefore a group of creators developed a backpack that protected Sona from bullet wounds the bulletproof backpack was developed by a team of designers from hockey in Hong Kong after a long research the product underwent many improvements and modifications before getting its final look the backpack base is made of advanced aramid fiber with bulletproof properties it complies with the level a standards of protection it's noteworthy that the ability to protect against firearms doesn't affect other equally important functions of the backpack it provides a high level of comfort and convenience its space-saving and equipped with a large number of compartments the developers also made the backpack stylish and suitable for use at work school or for leisure according to the manufacturer with the help of the bulletproof backpack it's possible to protect yourself from stab wounds to the backpack isn't very expensive though only two hundred and four dollars [Music] [Music] system G gaming laptops and all kinds of accessories for gamers usually have a fairly high price so when you buy an expensive professional laptop you want it to last as long as possible system G is a backpack designed specifically for carrying gaming laptops it's space-saving it provides optimum comfort and safety for the device system G is remarkable in every aspect from its appearance to the things inside it the outer surface of the backpack is hard a special Evie a shell protects the contents from mechanical damage or impacts anyone who has had to move around with a backpack in a busy place with a lot of people will appreciate this advantage also the outer surface that the backpack is covered with waterproof polyester which prevents moisture from getting inside even if it's raining handles on the top and on the sides make the carrying process even more convenient the shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped and covered in a thick layer of material so they won't leave any marks in your body and will provide maximum comfort the back of the backpack is made of a breathable fabric as well and moreover the backpack can accommodate all your gaming equipment in addition to the laptop you can carry your headphones a keyboard a mouse a mouse pad and all the charges thanks to a thoughtful internal organization the content will not be damaged on the road the manufacturer offers the backpack in two sizes with a capacity of 26 and 33 liters there are also various small bags and pencil cases included the price of the small backpack is 170 dollars and the big one is 220 [Music] comp cooler the developers of the backpack on the screen are people with experience in the production of personal cooling systems as well as cooling systems for micro climates they decided to use their knowledge to create a unique product a cooling backpack it's intended for athletes travelers people in practice extreme sports and even construction workers it's equipped with a microtubule double cooling chambers and a removable freezing bubble cold water circulates through the tubes at a rate of 500 milliliters per minute the tubes are located in the part where the backpack is in contact with the back as well as at the belts the temperature of the cooler is kept between 7 and 20 degrees Celsius allowing the carrier of the backpack to not feel the heat the backpack can stay cool for four to six hours if the water inside is completely frozen if it's filled with ice cubes the backpack can work for two to four hours its price is two hundred and sixty nine dollars [Music] Enrico camera bag not only gaming devices are expensive professional photographers also spend a lot of money on equipment like cameras lenses and tripods therefore they really want to protect their cameras and accessories the enrico camera bag is a unique backpack designed to carry photographic equipment as well as other similar expensive devices inside there's enough space to accommodate two large cameras and five lenses as well as other things that can be useful in a project the surface of the backpack is covered with a double water repellent material and the zipper is air and waterproof in Rego camera bag is designed in such a way that water doesn't get inside even if it falls into a lake or river it's interesting that the backpack is equipped with a sensor that measures the humidity of the air inside if it's too high the sensor sends a signal to the owners smartphone this ensures the safety of the contents of the backpack in any scenario if something's wrong the owner will be able to keep the situation under control [Music] and although the backpack provides a high level of security for the camera and equipment it opens in just a second thanks to this the photographer won't miss the right moment and will be able to make any photo on time in addition as a sensor that measures the distance between the backpack and the owner if the person gets too far away he or she receives a signal to the phone making it impossible to accidentally lose the backpack it's noteworthy that the developers also thought about comfort the belt system allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the load so you'll get less tired and feel less discomfort you can buy the enrico camera bag for 250 dollars [Music]

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