[Music] Lamborghini egoista the history of the famous Italian company Lamborghini which produces expensive sports cars began in 1963 in 2013 the brands celebrated its 50th anniversary and the fans were given a very special gift they have the opportunity to see this extraordinary car known as the Lamborghini eco Easter but why at least see it actually the name of the car accurately explains the concept egoista was made in a single copy and that's why only one person on this planet can have it unfortunately there is no information about the lucky owner the frame is made of aluminium and carbon fibers reduce the total weight of the car the appearance as you may have noticed is very unusual and somewhat futuristic sharp edges black details bright orange discs and glass also the creators of the Lamborghini eco Easter were obviously inspired by n Kraft has only one seat in the cabin and it's an ejection seat just like that of a fighter jet the vehicles powered by 5.2 liter v10 600 horsepower aja thanks to this in a loss of aerodynamic elements the car can reach up to 350 km/h at the same time the eager Easter reaches 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds there's no exact information about the price but it's known that it exceeds three million dollars [Music] the peugeot onyx if we told you that there's a car made of paper Felton copper you'd probably think that such a wonder of the automobile industry can't even move but here it is it's a real car and it can reach up to 360 km/h according to the company the Peugeot onyx is not only a dream car but it is the supercar of the 21st century natural materials have been picked to achieve maximum performance the Perot onix's engine is located at the back it's a 3.7 liter v8 diesel engine producing 600 horsepower considering the weight of the curve just eleven hundred kilograms these parameters are incredible [Music] [Music] the developers managed to achieve such a low weight using carbon fiber for most of the body panels the price is pretty impressive as well more than a million dollars speaking of paper and felt the dashboard and the top of the door panels are made from newspapers that were pressed so hard together that they've been reconstituted back into wood the interior is finished with felt as well [Music] [Music] the BMW Pininfarina Grandal ooso coupe a the Concours d'Elegance a villa d'este a has been held in Europe for almost a century now it's translated from Italian as the contest of elegance during the event visitors can admire the most beautiful and amazing cars including vintage models so the next car on our list was the star of this competition some years ago it was first shown to the world in 2013 this is the brainchild of BMW and Pininfarina a slightly less famous car design firm and coachbuilder the unique BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso coupe a was based on the BMW 7-series the laconic bodywork and elegant lines accentuate the cars premium class the wheelbase is huge the hood is long and the interior is slightly shifted backwards the vehicle has the same engine as the BMW 760 I a 6 litre 12 cylinder units producing about 535 horsepower [Music] interestingly this single copy car became the forerunner of the serial 8 Series Coupe a but let's talk about its remarkable features and details the wheels are equipped with 21 inch rims with matte and gloss metal the interior is elegant and minimalist the ideal combination of colors is a key element of the design also the panels are made of 48,000 year old fossil wood the driver and passenger seats are also finished in high quality leather the Ferrari PITC the car you're seeing right now is definitely one of the best in the world it's an exclusive new product from Ferrari which was first shown just a few months ago it was based on a racing car more exactly it uses the chassis of a Ferrari 488 GTB the elongated body has a visual balance shifted forward emphasizing the rear some elements of the car are similar to those of the gt3 but there are also completely unique details like the front splitter and all the body panels the body is made of carbon fiber the Ferrari PITC has amazing aerodynamic characteristics the creators worked really hard to bring the car to another level [Music] just take a look at the spoiler you can find similar details on Formula one cars interestingly there are no front or rear headlights instead there are only small recesses to create the appearance of their presence the characteristics of the engine are remarkable it's a 3.9 liter twin-turbo v8 engine producing 660 horsepower since it's a racing car the body has a modular design so the external elements can be easily and quickly replaced the Maybach Exelero although this car was built more than 10 years ago we would still like to show it off today because despite everything it has extremely surprising characteristics and features the basis for the accelerators the maybach 57 the model was created jointly with the tire manufacturer fuller in 2005 the company developed a new high speed tire design in order to display their invention the company wanted to get a unique exclusive car and that's how the Maybach Exelero was born by the way it was designed with the help of students from the Fort Simon University in Germany the project was implemented using materials such as leather neoprene aluminium and polished carbon fiber the design is visually aggressive this effect was achieved by changing certain proportions of the body only two people can fit inside the cabin [Music] the maximum speed of the car is 351 km/h the Fulda tires designed specially for the car come a standard speed of up to 370 km/h the car has a 5.9 liter v12 690 horsepower engine and weighs 2000 660 kilograms rumor has it that the Maybach Exelero was sold in 2011 for 8 million dollars [Music] Pew Gotti love what short noir this without a doubt is the most expensive car in the world this 2019 novelty was sold to an unknown buyer for more than 12 million dollars without taxes and there's a lot to say about this explosive CAF first the bodywork is made of handmade carbon fiber secondly it has an 8-litre w16 engine capable of producing up to 1,500 horsepower even the exhaust pipes in this car are unique there are six of them and they're located in a row right under a wide LED strip which serves as a brake light information on the exact performance characteristics not yet available but it's likely that be a gas II love what you and wha will be as fast or even faster than a bugatti chiron which can reach 490 kilometers per hour [Music]

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