Vittoria airliner since mountain bikes are designed for driving and difficult and even extreme terrain their owners often face different problems this product designed to facilitate the life of cyclists is called vitória airliner despite its simple design this device for your tires provides additional wind protection enhances grip and prevents punctures the vitória air liner is a foam made of a new generation of polymer it's suitable for bicycles of different sizes it can be used with wheels with inner tubes or tubeless wheels other notable features are vibration absorption enhanced ride comfort reduced tire pressure and the prevention of chain breaks it's noteworthy that despite its density and stability the device has a small weight so that its presence doesn't affect the weight and speed its weight varies depending on the size and ranges from 160 to 220 grams the manufacturer claims that the products durability is 2,000 hours in standard conditions given a cyclists weight of 80 kilograms installing the vitória air liner is simple and takes no time at all you can buy the product for $70 [Music] ride air the life of a modern man is inextricably linked with the use of mobile applications and various gadgets pressing a couple of buttons is enough to make your life easier more comfortable and convenient the creators of ride air thought about the fact that a huge number of tasks are performed daily only by pressing the buttons but pumping bicycle wheels is not one of those tasks so they created ride air a device to automatically pump your wheels pumping a wheel of a hand pump will remain in the past if you have $50 for this device now all you need to pump is pressing one button the device is compact simple and efficient and it can be easily attached to the frame of the bicycle it consists of a 120 centimeter cord an aluminium canister for air and a button of course recharging the device with the air compressor takes only a few seconds the special design of ride air prevents leakage of air from the tank so the wheel would be pumped in any situation wherever the bicyclist is by the way it can also be used as an anti-theft device the cable is stretched and passed through the wheels securely fixing it the advantages that ride air can be used for air pumping other objects for example balls scooters and balloons or children's inflatable toys [Music] Klug despite the fact that this device has a modest price only nine dollars and an even more modest size it will be useful to every cyclist since is able to solve a very important problem the lack of free space riding a bike is interesting and exciting however bikes are very cumbersome and aren't easy to store klog can be screwed to any more or less smooth surface becoming a strong reliable attachment for your bicycle using plug you can store your bike in an upright position taking up less space it's noteworthy that these devices are created using a 3d printer the manufacturer offers a digital model that is you don't have to wait for delivery and instead you can print the device immediately after purchase the first clogged model offered on Kickstarter is designed for standard bicycles however the manufacturer is going to develop other models in the future so that every bicycle owner regardless of the size and model of their vehicle could use the plug holder due to its compact size and simple fixing procedure the device doesn't damage the surface of the wall [Music] [Music] [Music] tailfin the device that you see on the screen is designed for people who like to travel with a bicycle over long distances the tail fin is a rack with baskets for storing things it's easily installed on a bicycle of any size and is designed in such a way that the cyclists when riding doesn't even notice its presence it's noteworthy that the installation of the rack takes only 10 seconds and you don't need any tools [Music] the capacity of storage is 24 liters and the structure weighs only 875 grams 275 of them account for the rack itself and 600 for the backpack this is almost a kilogram less than the standard familiar design traditionally the bicycle rack is made of metal pipes a unique feature of the tailfin is that the material for its production was carbon fiber the rack has an aerodynamic shape so as to not increase the resistance of the air when riding and it doesn't affect the speed and difficulty of the ride it's worth paying attention to the interesting design of fastening the backpack to the rack during the ride the backpack is attached to the bike very reliably so that it doesn't accidentally fall on the road at the same time a person can unplug it from the bike in just a second and take it with it like a normal backpack this rack can be bought for a hundred and ninety dollars assetid - backpacks will cost an additional 140 dollars [Music] for me the developer of this device always dreamed of finding durable and aesthetic grips which could also provide a high ride comfort when he failed to find a grip that would satisfy all his high demands he decided to develop one himself so for me was created and today anyone can buy them for $69 first of all numerous studies have made it possible to find out that the use of 3d scanning will make it possible to produce grips that provide maximum convenience and control over the vehicle ultimately it's thanks to 3d printing that these grips have a unique incredibly convenient and practical design and don't worry about aesthetics the manufacturer offers more than 40 colors so that everyone can choose the right grips for their bike before making the handles the parm is measured so that the finished contour is optimal for the hands of each particular form user the manufacturer states that usually the higher the flexibility of the material the lower its strength however thanks to a unique designer for me perfectly combines flexibility elasticity and strength [Music] bike pack the device that you see on the screen was developed by the aro team which has extensive experience in introducing innovative products to the bicycle market the patented bike pack system includes seven separate products to increase the comfort of using the bike it will suit absolutely any cyclists from professionals to people who simply ride their bike to work the system includes a handlebar and seat fastening a fork a back panel and bags of nine 11 or 14 liters capacity the bike pack system allows you to transport various loads in your bicycle including the steering wheel the fork and the seat fastening for this purpose the weight of the fastener for the steering wheel is only 250 grams [Music] the forklift mount will increase the weight load on the bicycle by only five hundred and twenty-five grams and the rear panel mount has a weight of 750 grams backpacks for carrying things of a small weight are resistant to water and have an aerodynamic shape the cost of the fasteners varies from 69 to 160 dollars and the cost of the bags is also different depending on the chosen size the smallest will cost a hundred and ten dollars and the biggest 132 [Music]

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