BMW 3 to 8 or Marsh the car you see on the screen is a prototype created especially for the annual event concours ode eleganza villa d'este BMW wanted to pay tribute to their own sports cars from the 1930s and they've done it although the prototype is extremely futuristic it manages to capture the essence of vintage cars to be precise this model is based on the BMW 3 to 8 a two-seater roadster the original model was made of aluminium and magnesium to give it a twist the designers of the BMW three to eight omage chose carbon-fiber as the main material is stronger than aluminium but also lighter some other interesting features include the complete absence of doors [Music] this solution made it possible to increase the machines rigidity and reduce the overall weight the car has no dashboard either instead it just has two iPhones connected to the car with special covers they function as stopwatches for measuring lap size and as a GPS navigation system the technical and dynamic specifications have not been disclosed though after all it's just a concept car created in a single copies have placed the public and showcase this unique design the only thing that is known for sure is that the vehicle is fitted with a three liter 6-cylinder engine [Music] Pagani Huayra pearl this unique car was first showcased in May 2016 overall there's only 20 models of the Pagani Huayra line in the world but there's only one copy of the pole model created especially for customer in the United Arab Emirates when the vehicle was handed over to its new owner the manufacturer didn't disclose information about its technical characteristics people could only speculate on the characteristics based on the classic Pagani Huayra unfortunately in July 2016 a photo of the destroyed Pagani Huayra pole leaked after a serious accidents however the company decided to come to the aid of its clients by March 2017 the car had been fully restored although the manufacturer did more than just repairing the vehicle the Pagani Huayra pole was upgraded inside and out first it received new aerodynamic parts secondly the updated specifications were shared with the public the car is powered by a 6 liter twin-turbo v12 engine which delivers up to thirteen hundred and fifty horsepower the gearbox also has seven space the car weighs 1218 kilograms less than the standard Pagani Huayra in addition the Pagani Huayra pole was equipped with a one-of-a-kind suspension made from aircraft grade aluminium the car reaches a hundred kilometres per hour in 2.2 seconds and a speed of 300 km/h in just 14 seconds [Music] volcano titanium if you're an aviation enthusiast or you like military aircraft chances are the next vehicle in our video will spark some interesting associations and it's not surprising the designers of the volcano titanium were inspired by the blackbird sr-71 reconnaissance aircraft its fuselage and wings are almost entirely made of titanium alloy and therefore a titanium alloy was also used as the main material for the car you see on the screen the creators of the vehicle didn't care that the performance of the material leaves much to be desired for example it's difficult to weld which means that any possible repairs will be tricky and expensive [Music] however its mycelium house advantage it gives the car a unique and very unusual appearance the manufacturer even decided not to hide the metal under a layer of paints on the technical side the car is powered by 6.2 liter supercharged v8 engine that produces 680 horsepower and 840 Newton meters of torque by the way the cars design allows the capacity to be increased up to a thousand horsepower the car goes up to a hundred kilometers an hour in 2.8 seconds and the top speed is 350 kilometers per hour [Music] [Applause] toyota lq just a few years ago toyota revealed a project to create a car of the future at the time it was just another idea and no one believed that a functional copy of this futuristic car could be produced however in 2019 at the Tokyo Motor Show the brand proved that they were serious the toyota lq is a functional version of the initial project it's a car that cares for people and nature alike every detail of the Toyota lq from the wheels to the seats is unique and unusual instead of the regular dashboard we find an augmented reality screen which is created using a special projector [Music] the central panel has been created on a 3d printer so instead of standard systems and mechanisms the car is controlled by an artificial intelligence system capable of learning the manufacturer ensures that the technology creates an emotional connection between the user of the vehicle its basic philosophy is learn grow love the computer recognizes the people in the car determines their habits and preferences and then does everything possible to ensure the comfort and safety of the users the autopilot allows the car to travel without human assistance - the car communicates with the passengers and Driver through an integrated communication platform the smart lighting for example the vehicle can analyze and report on the state of the road the toyota lq is an electric car that can travel up to 300 kilometers on a single charge be a gassy share on 2.0 this car was created by the German company Mansoori which specializes in modifying luxury cars this customized big asset Chiron is known as Centuria among the interesting features are the reshaped bumpers the side skirts the air intake on the roof and the spoiler the design of the car was improved to increase overall power pay attention to the cast wheels designed specifically for the bugatti Centuria they're finished with carbon fiber complementing the look of the car and giving us a dynamic edge [Music] Lambo v12 vision Gran Turismo the last unique vehicle we'll show you today was first introduced to the public relatively recently the presentations have placed you in the final of the Gran Turismo sport championship in November last year the Lambo v12 vision Gran Turismo as a car for gamers the design was specially conceived to appeal to a new and young audience foots let's start from the beginning in case you haven't heard Gran Turismo is a series of racing games the v12 Gran Turismo will be available for use in Virtua racing this spring as for the car you see on the screen this is its real-life prototype designed to attract as much attention to the brand as possible as well as to the game it should be noted that the Lambo v12 vision Gran Turismo is a concept so no technical or dynamic performance information about the car has been revealed however that the car is striking eye catching and has attracted the attention of many people for example just look at the inside which resembles the cockpit of a fighter plane the main controls are hidden inside the steering wheel the trademark Lambo refines silhouette with signature one ship headlights and taillights and unique windows allows for an ideal level of aerodynamics hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain Eeyore's welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]

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