[Music] Alika this is a prototype car that was developed by specialists from the electric transport laboratory at Keio University in Tokyo led by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu the name Alika is an acronym that stands for electric lithium-ion car this 8 wheeled electric car was first shown to the public in 2005 with a presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show in addition to its let's say very original appearance the car has a number of very interesting features for example the engineers installed eight electric motors on it one for each wheel each of them makes 80 horsepower therefore the car has 640 horsepower also they installed lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 55 kilowatt hours by the way this part of the car is one of the most expensive AC battery cells and four blocks represent 30% of its cost it takes 10 hours to fully charge the Alika it's noteworthy that a household power supplier can be use for tragic apart from that the cars are fairly standard design inside the car can accommodate four people including the driver and weighs twenty four hundred kilograms the elite car goes from nought to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds during the tests in 2004 on a special rooting isolate the electric car managed to reach a speed of 370 kilometers per hour [Music] Reliant Robin to put it mildly driving this three-wheeled car is not for everyone a person who is not accustomed to such vehicles will try it once and probably give up it may seem that the Reliant Robin is a car created by some crazy experimental engineer it's hard to believe that from 1953 to 1973 it was mass produced by Reliant Motors in Tamworth in the UK moreover during all those years the Reliant Robin was very popular especially among the miners from the northern parts of the country part of the reason is that despite looking like a car in the UK the Reliant Robin is considered and operated like a motorcycle due to its tricycle construction and a weight of about 700 kilograms many miners didn't have a driving licence so they were inside so to use motorcycles but not cars in winter it gets very cold in the north of England so the Reliant Robin helped the miners in a different because of its low weight the vehicle didn't get stuck at the snow so you didn't waste time cleaning snow off the car and had only to get in and go today this car occupies a special place in the culture of the country and is considered a symbol of British eccentricity [Music] Myers motors nng serial production of this original and very compact electric car began in 1999 initially that company Corbin Motors was producing them so the cars were known as the Corbin Sparra unfortunately much fewer copies than the creator expected were sold therefore in 2004 financial difficulties forced the company to sell the manufacturing rights they were purchased by Myers motors that's when the electric car got its modern name the Myers motors nmg this is a three-wheeled single-seat vehicle the abbreviation nm G stands for no more gas the maximum speed that this small car can develop is a hundred and twelve pollicis per hour the energy of a single charge is enough for the Myers motors nmg to overcome a distance between 32 and 64 kilometers the cars that have been produced since 2009 are equipped with an improved lithium battery it increases the range of the car almost twice of to 97 kilometres [Music] p45 the inspiration for the creation of this crazy car was the peel p50 a three-wheeled car which is considered one of the smallest vehicles on the planet only one person and luckily one bag will fit inside the car you see on the screen has even smaller dimensions than the peel p50 so it was renamed as the p45 interestingly the idea of its creation belongs to Jeremy Clarkson an English TV presenter and journalist first known for its Top Gear show Jeremy's kidding this little guy even has a GPS navigator for a wipers but don't forget to take them with you because the GPS is in your phone and you can use a glass scraper as a wiper is also interesting that the p45 can be refueled without even getting up from the driver's seat the only problem is that the capacity of the fuel tank is only one point six liters while usually you have to buy at least two litres at the station although it is legal to drive this vehicle on the road the driver admits that it is quite scary to do so especially on roads and highways with busy traffic the maximum speed of the p45 is only 34 km/h not too fast but you can save some time when searching for a parking place according to Jeremy's calculations the creation of this car costs 4000 pounds sterling which is about 5,300 dollars [Music] the Brubaker box the idea of creating this KITT car belongs to California resident Curtis Brubaker just in case let's make it clear that a KITT car is a vehicle that's assembled manually either by the buyer or though can entrust the task to a third party the creator of the car has always believed that a vehicle should be practical in this regard he was satisfied with the Volkswagen minibuses so he decided to modernize their concept on the frame which the man designed himself he attached factory units from the Volkswagen Type 2 he also strengthened the suspension to increase the ground clearance and the result was kind of a crossover the body consists of 13 separate parts a unique feature of the car is the only dual that moves is on the rocket site the Brubaker box was first shown to the public in 1972 during the international motorsport show in Los Angeles Brubaker was going to start mass production and sell each car at a price of about $4,000 but instead of the planned 400 cars they had time to produce only 100 the company created by Brubaker went bankrupt due to problems with investors [Music] the rover James the last card I'll show you today is intended for one particular category of drivers being elderly every detail of this Rover James car is designed to meet their needs for example the passenger and driver seat covers a load of waterproof material in case of any unexpected incident the standard rear seats were removed and replaced with comfortable cozy chairs which of course were then equipped with seat belts note the special handles attached the rear doors to the passengers can lean on them when getting in or out of the car also old people often find it difficult to park therefore there's no rear bumper toward and the car is also equipped with a special airbag when you park in Reverse it opens when an obstacle is too close interestingly the rover James doesn't even make it necessary to bend over straining the weak joints to load the wheelchair into the trunk it can be attached to the back of the car there is a bright lamp in the cabin too to help see better it's no coincidence that the front bumper is so strangely shaped in order to simplify the parking procedure the idea of creating this car also belongs to Jeremy Clarkson already mentioned today as well as Richard Hammond another Top Gear host the basis of the rover James is the Fiat Multipla 2006 you hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain eels welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music] you

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