[Laughter] notes hell here's a patented mobile system that allows any person to sleep anytime anywhere if they have a car of course one person can install the note cell in just a few minutes moreover it's not necessary to modify the car to use no-tell either when it's not being used it looks like a compact flat bag however when the user unfolds it it transforms the space of the car creating a wide horizontal surface a soft rolled mattress can be unfolded there the system comes with car window covers so lanterns or daylight won't bother you during your sleep [Music] the sleeping platform is 2 meters long the maximum weight that the system could withstand is a hundred and ninety kilograms and you can buy it for four hundred and seventy dollars [Applause] [Music] chatsworth CV and now it's time to talk about motorhomes that are so technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing that they're no inferior to real houses moreover in some cases they're better than a place that you live in right now the Chatsworth CV was developed by the British company eldest which specializes in the production and sale of motor homes as well as house trailers a sliding door provides a convenient and easy way in the solar panels provide electricity during travel the Chatsworth CV has many other interesting features too [Music] it's developers have done everything possible to ensure that the mobile home gives his residents a fundamentally new level of comfort and safety this house on wheels stands out for its stylish interior design in comparison with other models [Music] the ceiling lamps guarantee maximum light in the rooms at any time moreover you can protect yourself use sunlight by using the curtains on the windows the chatsworth CV has energy-saving lamps a TV sets and a kitchen with a microwave fridge freezer and much more [Music] the Vario signature the next mobile home we want to show you was developed on the basis of the mercedes-benz Actros 253 heavy truck its main distinguishing features according to the manufacturer are its smooth lines outstanding quality exclusive design and XXL bets the 12 metre long and 3 meter wide body provides almost unlimited possibilities for finishing and decorating and Resta short both designers and engineers have used the space wisely [Music] all the living areas of this motorhome blend smoothly with each other inside there are several sleeping areas they can be up to six beds - it's not worthy that in the back of the house there is a garage for a small car like a Roadster MV SL or a Mini Cooper Cabriolet other notable features include an aerodynamic roof spoiler stainless steel exhaust pipes and an advanced driver assistance system the latter will warn you if the vehicle is off the lane for example [Music] natural materials such as American walnut veneer were used to create the interior sofas and armchairs are made of natural leather there are retractable widescreen TV sets too these sink surface can also be covered to save space the fridge and freezer are skilfully integrated into the design and of course not many motorhomes have such a spacious bathroom [Music] the new marking air if we return you just the interior of this place and nothing else you wouldn't believe that you're seeing a mobile house and indeed what you see on the screen isn't exactly a house actually it's the king air from the American company Numa it's specialized design and create luxury vehicles therefore this is not just a mobile home but a luxury mobile home however you probably already noticed that not in vain it's called the king air [Music] it really allows you to travel and live like a king the drivers and passenger seats are equipped with heating and cooling systems as a massage function to the fabrics used to finish the furniture were selected from the Ralph Lauren home collection the windows are large enough to let in as much natural light as possible and the TV shows movies and shows in 4k and there's a blu-ray player as well as 11 speakers located in different parts of the house the table in the dining area automatically slides in-house in the kitchen you'll find a double sink a large fridge a stove and even a dishwasher amazingly the engineer's even managed to install a small but spacious storage room there are two bathrooms a guest bathroom and another one in the master bedroom [Music] the 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer here is another mobile home that provides its owner a high level of comfort and safety it was developed on the basis that the mercedes-benz Sprinter light commercial vehicle however the front grille the fenders and the headlights were modified you can choose from four interior design options the most luxurious includes a spacious double bed also in the bedroom you can find a variety of closets so you can take anything you need on your trips the kitchen has a built-in refrigerator a stainless steel sink a convection oven and double stove the floor's finish with linoleum and the cabinets made of natural wood [Music] [Applause] [Music] the magnitude bh 35 finally here's the last item on today's list however even though it's at the end of our list it's not inferior to all the other luxury mobile homes so here is the amazing magnitude BH 35 a comfortable living space is what's always missing when traveling on the road [Music] but the magnitude pH 35 is spacious and has plenty of room to make your trips more enjoyable the kitchen has a double sink and surprisingly a three burner cooktop in case one bathroom isn't enough for travelers the magnitude pH 35 is equipped with a second one there's a sink a toilet and closets to store all your things in the sleeping area you'll find a double bed and a TV [Music] the bedside tables are built-in USB ports to charge your gadgets as well you can adjust the brightness the ventilation and the temperature inside the house using the touch screen increased security is provided by cameras located outside the vehicle pay attention to the sliding canopy tube that allows everyone to have a good time outside

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